2007 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 - Atomic Bombshell

Erick Salado's Extroverted '07 Z06 Is An Everyday Supercar

Eric Orban Dec 10, 2008 0 Comment(s)
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The 427-cube LS7 has seen the addition of a few essential performance parts. The restrictive factory air intake has been exchanged with a Halltech Killer Bee air cleaner for superior breathing. The induction system is further enhanced with a ported LS7 intake and throttle body.

Exhaust flow is expedited with American Racing 1 7/8-inch long-tube headers and an X-shaped cross-pipe. The exhaust system has high-flow catalytic converters to assuage Al Gore's disciples. A Billy Boat Fusion after-cat exhaust has mufflers that retain the butterfly valves of the factory NPP system; these can be opened and closed using a key-fob-style remote control. This high-tech marvel allows Salado to adjust the aural stimulus to suit his mood at the touch of a button. A Nitrous Express dry nitrous system can provide an additional 125 hp on demand.

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The bevy of bolt-ons has been optimized with PCM tuning performed by Jeremy Formato with an emphasis on maintaining a usable power band. Without nitrous, the final product is a naturally aspirated output of 498 hp and 478 lb-ft torque. The rush of power thrusts the Z06 down the quarter-mile in a scant 11.35 seconds at 124.87 mph, an impressive feat for a daily-driven show car.

Given the preternatural handling of the stock Z06, Salado thus far has seen no need to make significant changes to the suspension setup. A set of aftermarket lowering bolts bring the boastful car down to earth, while the substantial factory brake calipers have been powdercoated to match the body color.

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On the street, Salado attracts more attention than a foot-tapping political contretemps. His wild Z06 stands out even among the multitude of custom exotica roaming the streets in South Florida. The Z is always a crowd-pleaser at car shows and has garnered four awards at local events. It even has the unique distinction of having been used as a promotional vehicle for both Nitto tires and 360 Forged wheels.

Salado credits Blanton Autosports and The Tint Shop with assisting him in the car's creation; Steve Smith, Carlos Yanes, and Jamie B. also pitched in on the build. As he is pleased with the current output of the LS7 engine, Salado is unsure of where he will take his chromatic orange Z06 in the future. He does have plans for a raucous cam, and he defies opponents of horsepower proliferation by refusing to take the full-nuclear turbo-kit option off the table.

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Erick Salado's '07 Z06 disregards show-car convention by embracing the divergent roles of daily driver and quarter-mile combatant. Part superhero and part supermodel, this well-rounded Corvette is every bit a supercar for everyday use. And should anyone choose to question the car's performance bona fides, Salado has the means to prove that his Z is much more than just another pretty face.


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