Inaugural YearOne Vette Challenge - Real Speed

Celebrating Streetable Horsepower At The Inaugural Vette/YearOne Challenge

Jay Heath Oct 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)
Vemp_0810_08_z Yearone_challenge 73_burnout 2/12

'73 Coupe
We know what you're thinking: 600 ci, a parachute, tires the size of Godzilla's thumbnail. No way is this thing a legitimate street car. While we were initially inclined to agree with you, a closer look at the '73's specs revealed a vehicle that was far more at home on the open road than its strip-forged mien might suggest. Sure enough, the car completed our 25-mile street slog without incident, this despite the aforementioned heat and a cruising speed that topped 65 mph on the highway portion.


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