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Celebrating Streetable Horsepower At The Inaugural Vette/YearOne Challenge

Jay Heath Oct 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)

The new setup comprises a heavily modified set of LS3 heads, a super-secret AV camshaft, and a custom sheetmetal intake manifold. The freshly invigorated stroker cooked up an unholy 570 hp on the AV chassis dyno, some 40 more than the previous combo and theoretically enough to punt the lightweight Z deep into the mid-10s. And as you can see from the accompanying photo, it's a guaranteed conversation-starter any time the hood's up.

We were all surprised, then, when the car failed to better the 10.930-second pass it recorded during our '06 test session. A couple of factors were likely at work. After the event, AV's Greg Lovell diagnosed an insufficient high-rpm fuel supply attributable to the Z's overmatched factory pump. It also bears mention that our original test took place in Richmond, Virginia, during the winter, and was attended by temperatures some 40 degrees (F) cooler than those registered at our outing in Hotlanta. With a new Racetronix fuel pump and some better weather, a half-second improvement in e.t. seems fully within reach.

As a side note, Helmintoller-who is now officially our hero-should be taking delivery of a red '09 ZR1 right around the time you read this. While it never pays to play seer, the odds of a track test do not seem remote.




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