2008 Chevrolet Corvette - Repeat Performance

For '08, Corvette Improves Upon A Winning Formula

Christopher R. Phillip Apr 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)

Power to the People
Dyno-Testing The Fastest Base Vette Yet Although our test drive provided plenty of subjective evidence of the new Vette's brawn, we wanted to know exactly how the output of the '08 model stacked up against that of its LS2-powered predecessor. As we have so often in the past, we headed over to AntiVenom in nearby Seffner, Florida, to perform a series of pulls on the shop's chassis dyno. While there, we also took a closer look at some of the mechanical features that set the new car apart from last year's model.

Vemp_0804_12_z 2008_chevrolet_corvette Dyno_graph 8/16

With the 400 rwhp mark in sight, AntiVenom's Greg Lovell decided to do a little high-performance experimentation. First, he removed the stock intake tract in an attempt to roughly simulate the effects of an aftermarket induction system. Output jumped to 392.60/377.70, or 461.88/444.35 at the crank. His second tweak involved removing the LS3's accessory belt to approximate the benefits of an electric water pump. The results were stunning: 404.03/391.4 at the wheels, or 475.32/460.47 at the flywheel! Add a set of long-tube headers and a more aggressive PCM tune, and LS7-quality output seems well within reach.




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