1956 Corvette Drag Car - Stress Relief

With Mike Kreeb's 1956 Corvette drag car, show meets go at 167 mph

Eric Orban Apr 3, 2008 0 Comment(s)
Vemp_0804_09_z 1956_corvette_drag_car Carburetor 2/12

Even with an original body and functioning lights, this Vette rarely cruises public streets. After all, spool rears and high-stall torque converters don't make for a pleasant commute. "The car is street legal but way too hairy to drive on surfaces not prepared for racing," Kreeb tells us. Still, he will admit to occasionally zip-tying a license plate to the 'chute and taking the car out for a spin.

This '56 is something of a sacrifice, a Corvette that is raced so that four others can go on living unmolested. It's more than just a well-built and highly effective drag car, inasmuch as its noteworthy performance doesn't interfere with the beauty of its original design. No fiberglass-bodied "silhouette car" can match the arresting looks of this resto-racer. Mike Kreeb's C1 has been a labor of love, and a testament to his passion for classic Corvettes.




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