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Vette Magazine Reader Rides - The 'Glass Menagerie

Dec 1, 2007

Clean Living

Phil Beaupre
Coventry, CT
'99 C5 Coupe
This is my '99 Corvette, which I purchased new. The mods include Hickock Five Shot wheels, Mid America Performance Choice Power Curve turbo mufflers, a Corsa X-pipe, and a Donaldson Blackwing air filter with cold-air screens from West Coast Corvette. While it's not a commuter, the Vette now has 49,000 miles. Even though it's not a special-edition Corvette, it feels wonderful when I take it for a drive.

Vemp_0712_04_z Vette_magazine_reader_rides Creps_corvette_front_three_quarters 4/9

Tunnel of Love

Pam Creps
Breezewood, PA
'82 C3
This is a picture of my '82 Corvette Stingray. It has a steering wheel that was autographed by one of the Corvette designers. My husband and I have done a lot of work to the car in the two years I have had it. I just love it.

Vemp_0712_02_z Vette_magazine_reader_rides Fisher_corvette_profile 5/9

That '70s Show

Tom Fisher
Birmingham, AL
'79 C3
I just wanted to share some pics of my '79 Vette with you. I bought the car from my wife's uncle. He had installed a funky purple interior, painted the car a Dodge color, and made some motor modifications. The first thing I did when I got the car was cook the motor with nitrous oxide. It became apparent then that I had to go all-out.

The new motor is a 400 small-block built by my father. It has ported-and-polished Dart heads with Harland Sharp aluminum rockers and a Dart stud girdle. Let's not forget the new black interior, VB&P suspension system, Streeroids rack-and-pinion, 770 Holley Street Avenger carb, Hot Rod Air A/C compressor, and ceramic-coated Hooker headers and side pipes. The motor should be pushing around 500 hp, not including the 100 hp of nitrous.

Vemp_0712_07_z Vette_magazine_reader_rides Villa_corvette_profile 6/9

Block Party

Macario F. and Aaron L. Villa
Gresham, OR
'71 C3 Coupe
Here is a picture of our '71 Vette. We have spent the better part of 20 years doing a frame-off restoration. Everything has been replaced with new, modern components or rebuilt. We installed a complete Vette Brakes & Products suspension package. The original 454 was bored to 468 ci, with 10.0:1 compression, an Edelbrock intake, a Holley 800-cfm double-pumper, an MSD 6AL ignition, and Hooker ceramic-coated headers with side pipes. Other mods include Recaro seats, an aftermarket L88 hood, a rebuilt Muncie M21 four-speed transmission, a 4.11 rear end, and aftermarket wheels. We did all the work except for the body, paint, and machine work. We even replaced all the wiring and vacuum hoses, so everything works better than original. We have won several First Place awards in local shows.

Vemp_0712_05_z Vette_magazine_reader_rides Cashmore_corvette_pose 7/9

Sunny Disposition

Nancy Cashmore
Ingleside, IL
'04 C5 Coupe
I have a lady friend who loves her Corvette more every day. She has a blue '04 C5 Commemorative Edition with only 12,000 miles. You see her on sunny days only, driving to work on Route 41. My job is to wash her car every two weeks and detail the car in the spring and fall of each year. She would love to be in your magazine with her Vette.

Bad Boys Wear...Yellow?

Gerard Nuzzo
Merrick, NY
C5 Convertible
Here are a few pictures of my big, bad boy. As you can see, he is Millennium Yellow and Black. I got him about three years ago with 451 miles on the odometer. I added some yellow on the inside and on the engine. I also installed a Vortex Rammer cold-air induction and power duct, along with a full Borla exhaust system. The wheels are chrome Z06s. I have not been to any shows. Instead, I am using this Vette for what it was made for: driving.

Think your Vette is Menagerie material? Just send a photo of the car, a brief (or, if you prefer, not-so-brief) description, and whatever else you'd like to Vette Magazine, c/o 'Glass Menagerie, 9036 Brittany Way, Tampa, FL 33619. You can also e-mail the information to with "Glass" in the subject line. So what are you waiting for?



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