2005 Chevrolet Corvette - The 1100 Building

When Your Corvette Tops 1,000 HP, There's Only One Place To Be

Christopher R. Phillip Apr 26, 2007 0 Comment(s)
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Thankfully, car owner Mike Craig has a healthy respect for the Z1100's otherworldly capabilities. "I don't get scared [much]," he tells us. "I was a state trooper. The Z1100 C6 Corvette has a top estimated speed of 220 mph, but when I got it up to 180 mph in a controlled condition, it scared me. It was the fastest three-quarters of a mile of my life." At the track, the car has gone as fast as 10.38 at 145 mph on radials. With Hoosier RI street slicks in place, the numbers tumble to a scarcely believable 9.67 at 150. "It's almost too much power," Mike says.

Incredibly, the Z1100 is also street legal. "It meets all DOT requirements for being on a public highway," Mike says. "The best thing about it is its daily driveability. I enjoy it about 50 miles a week." Was the $150,000-vehicle worth it? "The saying 'you get what you pay for' applies. It's definitely worth it."

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Having beaten Suzuki GSX1300 superbikes, Dodge Vipers, and Ferraris, don't be surprised if Mike takes on a jet airliner in a half-mile race sometime in the future. For earthbound competitors, Mike tells us he'd like a shot at a particular twin-turbo Ford GT owned by Heffner's Performance of Sarasota, Florida. "We've never tested a street car that accelerated to 150 mph quicker than this twin-turbo GT," said Car and Driver in a road test of the blown Ford. "I'd like to see the Z1100 go heads-up against the GT from a 60-mph roll to 150 mph, and see if they feel the same way," Mike says. "I'm confident that there's nothing out there that can match [this] Corvette, other than another Z1100 from MDMC."

The Z1100 is Mike's sixth Vette, and his second one from MDMC-his last car was a 650hp C5. Horsepower is now in Mike Craig's psyche. He lives for it. He dreams about it. "Now that I've gotten into tuning, I would never own another stock Corvette. It's the difference between night and day."

Think you deserve a spot in the 1100 building? Send us the details of your 1,100-plus hp Corvette, and maybe you'll see it featured in the pages of VETTE magazine. Residents of lower floors are also encouraged to apply.


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