2005 Chevrolet Corvette - At the Crossroads

Pushing The Limits With A 700-RWHP Stock-Block LS2

Randall D. Allen Apr 26, 2007 0 Comment(s)
Vemp_0706_09z 2005_corvette_c6 Rear_view 2/11

Massive Z06 rear fenders and 3.5-inch Borla exhaust tips should provide ample visual and auditory warnings that this Chevrolet supercar means business.

Whether driving on the clogged arteries to and from Houston or displaying the potential to turn mid-10-second e.t.'s at the local dragstrip, this C6 manages the balance between all-out race car and luxury cruiser with aplomb. Thanks to the expert building and tuning skills of Motorsport Tech, the car has stepped firmly into the crossroads of C6 performance and come out with its soul-and its stock-block engine-intact.

Remember, when you approach the intersection of your life, forget the mysticism of Hoodoo and those intoxicating Robert Johnson blues riffs. You need only delay your gratification as long as it takes to hit the dash-mounted proximity fuse on your own C6.

The author would like to thank David Gianechini for "composing" the crossroads photograph at George Bush Park in Houston, Texas.




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