2006 Corvette Z06 Twin Turbo Kit - The New Math: 7+2=10

Twin Turbochargers Combine With 7 Liters To Yield What May Be The Perfect Z06

Chris Werner Mar 30, 2007 0 Comment(s)
Vemp_0703_15_z 2006_corvette_z06_turbo_kit Pillar_mount_gauges 2/23

Part of the ECS package is a pair of pillar-mount gauges showing readouts of boost and fuel pressure. Look closely, and you'll also see an LED. This lights up as a gentle reminder of when the ECS methanol system is flowing-though you'll probably be pushed too far back into your seat to care.

Vemp_0703_17_z 2006_corvette_z06_turbo_kit Engine_after_install 3/23

Another beauty of the remote-mount turbo is that very little changes under the subject vehicle's hood. As applied to the Z06, basically the only item altered is the polished aluminum pipe running from the intercooler to the throttle body. Note that the blade-type stock mass-air meter has been retained. Stock injectors are kept for fueling purposes, but ECS adds in a booster-pump unit to supply the required additional fuel.

Vemp_0703_18_z 2006_corvette_z06_turbo_kit Muffler 4/23

With the install complete and the car on the ground, we can take a look at the rear. Can you see the turbo system here? Just barely! Complaints of low-hanging, rear-mount turbos should be nonexistent, at least on this vehicle.

Vemp_0703_19_z 2006_corvette_z06_turbo_kit Z06_grille 5/23

The only other external cue to the vehicle's forced-induction configuration is the intercooler, which is just visible through the crosshatch Z06 grille.

Vemp_0703_16_z 2006_corvette_z06_turbo_kit Burnout 6/23

When it comes to performance, onlookers will be left in a cloud of smoke to stare at two 325mm black stripes on the pavement. Horsepower went from 458 to 568 at the rear wheels after installation, with a corresponding increase in torque. As for numbers in the quarter-mile, "We tried some runs with the street tires, and it was just a joke-we couldn't hook," says ECS co-owner Doug Ring. "Our twin turbo-equipped Z06 feels like a 10-second car, and I'd be surprised if it wasn't. We'll see once we get some slicks on. What I can say is that the thing is a powerhouse!" Give ECS a call, and you can have one of your own.


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