1962 Chevrolet Corvette - The Gold Standard

This Aussie 1962 Chevrolet Corvette sets a new benchmark in the realm of high-end customization

Patrick Hill Jan 11, 2007 0 Comment(s)

Car:'62 Corvette
Owners:Barbara and David Kelly
Paint:PPG 24 Karat Gold with Cinnamon Candy highlights, chassis, and underbody
Block:OEM Chevy small-block
Displacement:383 ci
Heads:Ported and polished Trick Flow Specialties aluminum
Valves:Trick Flow Specialties, Isky springs
Camshaft:Sam's Performance (Sydney, Australia) custom grind
Crankshaft:Scat stroker
Fuel-delivery system:Katicore EFI with eight individual throttle bodies
Fuel pump:Holden Commodore VY V-8
Engine management:Autronic ECM
Ignition:Autronic direct-fire with four coil packs
Exhaust System:Exotic Exhaust custom stainless steel
Transmission:T56 six-speed
Clutch:GM LS1
Steering:Oldsmobile rack and pinion, revalved for right-hand drive
Front Suspension:'96 Corvette with King Springs and KCF Rallysport custom coilovers
Rear Suspension:'96 Corvette with King Springs and KCF Rallysport custom coilovers
Rear End:'96 Corvette Dana 44 with 3.70 gears
Front Brakes:13-inch Brembo cross-drilled and slotted rotors, '96 Grand Sport calipers
Rear Brakes:11-inch Brembo cross-drilled and slotted rotors, '96 Grand Sport calipers
Wheels:Billet Specialties SLC 65, 17x8-inch
Tires:Yokohama AVS V102, 245/45-17

For those of you who are curious, here's a complete list of the body mods on Barbara and David Kelly's '62:

- Frenched headlights
- Changed fuel filler
- Filled air vent
- Removed door handles and locks inside and out, replaced with a remotely operated solenoid system
- Converted windows to electric- Made molds of outer doorskins to create custom inner-door panels
- Reshaped center console to allow for six-speed transmission
- Removed original fan switches, and so on, to make center control panel, includes removal of switches under gauge panel
- Filled in and sculpted passenger dashpanel
- Molded underdash panels and kick panels
- Completely reshaped front and rear wheel arches to better suit wheels
- Molded in rear license-plate surround and grille surround, along with strips on top of mudguards
- Filled front bumpers; removed center bar and license-plate holder for slim-line plate
- Changed grille to Bow Tie mesh and molded it to original outer frame
- Replaced bonnet catches with magnets; hood operates by an electric lift with a stainless strut
- Fabricated new engine bay with SS Commodore sidescoops and LEDs
- Fabricated radiator cover to house fan and accessories
- Made engine covers to house coil packs and induction hardware
- Completely skinned trunk area and molded in Kenwood speakers; access to brake boosters is in rear quarter and battery is on passenger side
- Replaced original springs to hold trunklid open with gas struts; used magnets for trunklid and access-panel catches
- Removed spare-tire compartment and built in a stainless toolbox to replace it
- Smoothed underbody and made covers in stainless steel where needed
- Filled decklid and removed soft-top catches
- Mounted computers with fuse boxes inside of decklid; custom panel conceals computers and wiring and holds MP3 player.

For even more information on the Kellys' Vette, visit www.ldikustoms.com.au.




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