2005 Chevrolet Corvette C6 Devil Ray - Sunset Over Riyadh

Motorsport Technologies Exports An 840-Horse C6 Devil Ray

Randall D. Allen Mar 30, 2007 0 Comment(s)
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Other than being lowered one inch on each end via the stock suspension bolts, the car's Z51 underpinnings remain unaltered. Hamdan has, however, ordered up a set of C6 Z06 front and rear fenders, both to visually enhance the car and to provide the space necessary to upgrade to the wider Z06-spec tires. That's probably wise: With 715 rear-wheel horsepower on tap from the blown 427, the Vette's stock Goodyears are living on borrowed time.

As this excerpt from Hamdan's owner bio will attest, it didn't take long for the Devil Ray C6 to work its diabolical magic:

"I just love the Daytona Sunset Orange color of the C6. Backlit against the vast expanse of the Arabian Desert, my 'Riyadh Runner' is exactly what I dreamed of when I started the project. Sure, it would have been easy to go the Lamborghini dealer in Riyadh and order up a Gallardo, but it doesn't look, sound, or perform on par with the Devil Ray."

The engine idles with only the slightest hint of an aftermarket cam and can be driven anywhere. With a quick stab of the throttle, the 427 comes to life, [transforming] into a demon when the supercharger builds a head of steam. The power and sound of the engine are phenomenal, and it pulls hard to redline. Even at 80 mph and beyond, a simple downshift will break the rear end loose and get your adrenaline pumping as you attempt to point and shoot the car forward.

"As soon as the new Z06 fenders come in, I will have them installed and then put on a set of Michelin Pilot PS2 tires. I can't wait to trailer the car over to the newly constructed quarter-mile dragstrip in Jeddah and find out what times she will run. I expect to dip well into the 10s, assuming the C6 can be eased out and gain sufficient traction. Until that time, late-night forays against Gallardos or Ferrari F430s will satisfy my speed addiction. So far, the Devil Ray has touched 220 mph, and [it] might have achieved its targeted top speed of 240 mph had I not backed out. When you blast past a Lamborghini like it was standing still, there's great satisfaction to be had in knowing that you did it effortlessly and for significantly less money."

Before plunking down that deposit on an '06 Z06 or a European supercar, take a close look at the Devil Ray package. Or, better yet, book a flight to Riyadh and watch carefully for a fleeting glimpse of the Sunset.

The MTI C6 Devil Ray 427 conversion package is slated for a limited production run of 25 serialized vehicles. The conversion includes complete professional installation and dyno tuning at MTI in Houston. For Devil Ray pricing, conversion scheduling, and current numbering, contact MTI directly.

MTI C6 Devil Ray 427 Conversion Pkg.
* 427cid "Super Stroker" engine
* MTI Stage III custom ported-and polished LS2 heads
* MTI DR1 custom camshaft
* New LS2 timing chain set and high-volume oil pump
* Jesel shaft-mounted 1.7-ratio roller rockers
* FAST 90mm intake manifold and MTI high-flow air intake
* Kooks 171/48-in. stainless-steel headers, 3" mid-pipe with high-flow cats, and Corsa Sport 211/42-in. after-cat exhaust (Corsa Touring exhaust may be substituted)
* Spec Stage III clutch with billet-steel flywheel (higher-stall torque converter for automatic cars)
* MTI underdrive crankshaft-pulley kit
* Complete gasket set utilizing steel-shim head gaskets, ARP studs, MTI hardened push rods, and all necessary fluids and filters
* Custom-embroidered factory seats and armrest featuring "Devil Ray 427" logo
* Custom Devil Ray decals and badging
* MTI fuel-rail covers with "MTI Devil Ray 427" insignia
* Devil Ray dash plaque with individual serial number
* Two-year/24,000-mile limited engine warranty
* Devil Ray 427 custom wheels (18x8.5-in.front, 19 x 10.5-in. rear)
* Professional installation and custom computer tuning on MTI's Dynojet chassis dyno




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