Chevy Corvette Z06 Drag Test - Rumble in Richmond

Two generations of Z06 wage a not-so-civil war for supercar supremacy

Jay Heath Jul 31, 2006 0 Comment(s)
Vemp_0608_18_z Chevy_corvette_z06_drag_test 2001_front_view 2/15

The car's best run of the day-a 10.93 at 128.46-fell a mite short of its previous benchmark of 10.8 at 132, but we suspect less-than-optimal weather conditions may have had a role in keeping both Z06s from hitting their accelerative bogeys. At any rate, high 10s are exceedingly stout for a naturally aspirated C5, particularly one that sees regular commuting duty on the streets of Richmond.

Although dragstrip blasting is its preferred mtier, the Z's Mallett pedigree means road-course proficiency is but a tire change and a shock adjustment away. By combining exotic-car speed and handling in an eminently livable package, this '01 edition may be the headiest distillation yet of the Z06 performance formula.




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