Bob Wingate's FSO Corvettes - Performance Bonus

Bob Wingate's FSO Corvettes Were The Ultimate "Company Cars"

Wayne Ellwood Nov 28, 2006 0 Comment(s)

The resulting "replacement" car is the one Bob Radke now owns. It was a 427/435 with an M20 wide-ratio transmission and a 3.55 differential. The specs were selected by the engineers in St. Louis to optimize quarter-mile times.

This car was also modified to have the six taillights, no front bumpers (they were stored in a box in the back of the car, and the front-bumper mounting holes had been filled), and the rear inner-fender lips had been radiused to clear bigger tires and wheels. The paint was Goodwood Green with a subtle green pinstripe running around the beltline and a white Stinger stripe running the length of the car. The car also had a Nardi wood steering wheel, 7-inch American Torq-Thrust racing wheels, 9.50x15 Goodyear Blue Streak tires, and longer rear-spring-support bolts to lower the stance.

Later photographs show the car with more details. For example, Wingate highlighted the lettering on the brake calipers and other small details with white paint. The Clippinger Chevrolet lettering was added to the sides of the car, and some of the inserts were blocked in Pearl White.

The next year, Wingate received a '68 L89 coupe. Interestingly, this car appears to have been delivered with what is likely one of the first sets of 17-inch American Racing wheels ever cast. This was probably a very special addition to the car, but the tire technology of the day might have generated a harsher ride than intended. According to Wingate, this car-which was insanely hot inside and plagued by small problems-was the least well-executed of the four FSO Vettes. He was actually glad to see it go.

The last of the Wingate FSO cars was a '70 Bridgehampton Blue convertible with an LT-1 350. It was perhaps his favorite, combining the torque of a big-block with fairly civilized driving manners.




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