700HP 2002 Corvette Z06 - Exposed Myth

Yes, 700-rwhp street cars exist--we caught one!

Vemp_0601_01_z 700hp_2002_chevy_corvette_z06 Track 2/13

The 427's power is channeled through the Z06's stock six-speed trans (with a heavy-duty clutch, of course), a hardened driveshaft, hardened halfshafts, and out to the Hoosier-shod CCW 16-inch racing wheels. A set of racing "skinnies" is up front.

Suspension and chassis mods are few: HAL QA1 adjustable shocks, high-performance brake pads, and a transmission brace. Star Chassis also stitched a six-point rollcage into the car's frame. Outwardly, the visual accents include a Motor City Molds hood, an RKSport spoiler, and BPP headlamps.

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Not surprisingly, this Vette has garnered more than a couple of show awards, but its real forte is the dragstrip, where a good launch helps shove the car down the track in less than 10 seconds. Such performance is a balancing act for Leake, who says maintaining the car's streetability was a goal from the project's start. "When you're running 9s, it's a fine line between street car and all-out race car," he says. "So far, so good."

A fine line, yes--but also the stuff that generates a reputation of mythical proportion.

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Spec Sheet
Car: '02 Corvette Z06
Owner: Mike Leake
Block: GM C5-R racing aluminum
Displacement: 427 cubic inches (7.0 liters)
Compression ratio: 8.5:1
Heads: AFR 225 Mongoose (72cc chambers)
Valves: Manley stainless 2.02-in/1.60-in
Camshaft: COMP hydraulic roller
Rockers arms: COMP 1.6 ratio
Pistons: Wiseco forged-aluminum
Crankshaft: Lunati forged-steel
Rods: Lunati forged-aluminum
Intake manifold: Stock LS6
Fuel injectors: 72-lb low-impedance
Fuel pump: Lingenfelter/SX Performance high-pressure fuel pump, 80 gph
Ignition: Stock
Engine management: FAST/DFI (ACCEL)
Power adder: ATI ProCharger F-1C
Maximum boost: 36 psi
Exhaust system: Kooks 17/8-in long-tube headers; Stainless Works 3-inch exhaust system
Transmission: Stock T56 six-speed, rebuilt by Rockland Standard
Clutch: SPEC Stage 5
Driveshaft: Hardened main output shaft
Front suspension: Stock with HAL QA1 adjustable shocks
Rear suspension: Stock with HAL QA1 adjustable shocks
Rear end: Stock with hardened halfshafts, DTE trans brace
Front brakes: Stock with high-performance pads
Rear brakes: Stock with high-performance pads
Wheels: CCW 16-inch "drag package"
Front tires: Drag Skinnies
Rear tires: Hoosier 28x12x16
Fuel octane: 100 (minimum)
Weight: Approx. 3,200 lbs.
Best e.t./mph: 10.2 seconds @ 140.9 mph
Best 60-foot time: 1.59 seconds
Current mileage: 14,300
Miles driven weekly: Approx. 100 (during good weather)




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