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Vette Magazine New Products Guide 2006

The latest and greatest products for your Corvette!

Nov 29, 2005

November 2006

Can You Take The Pressure?

Vemp_0611_06_z Zex Nitrous_pressure_regulator 2/67

While adding nitrous alone will give you a significant performanceboost, a little fine tuning can have your engine producing even moretire-melting power. Zex's new Nitrous Pressure Regulator Kit (PN 82180)can go a long way toward maximizing the efficiency of your nitroussetup. It's fully adjustable from 500 to 1,100 psi and features anadvanced flow regulator capable of supporting over 500 horses' worth ofjuice. The kit comes with everything you'll need for installation, alongwith a complete tuning-and-installation guide. Check it out at or give Zex abuzz at (888) 817-1008.

Unzip Your C6's Potential

Vemp_0611_03_z Zip_products Corvette_power_packages 3/67

Want more eye-popping, skirt-blowing power out of your C6? Zip Productshas just the thing. Zip's new C6 power packages will give your Vetteenough extra juice to cook the tires and smoke your competition. Fromthe mild, 5-10hp Stage 1 package to the hard-core 450hp Stage 4, Zip canhave your C6 terrorizing the street and strip in no time. And for theZ06 owner who's looking to satisfy a lust for extra power, Zip offersLS7 upgrades up to 560 hp! See what they have to offer at call them at (800) 962-9632.

Cover Story

Vemp_0611_02_z Ls_engine Valvecovers 4/67

PML's new sand-cast aluminum valve covers are a great way to dress upthe engine compartment of your '87-'96 Vette. Compatible with allcenter-bolt Chevy small-blocks, these covers feature cast-in baffles,brushed or polished fins, and are available in as-cast, black, or ChevyOrange powdercoat (shown) finishes. They even eliminate the center twobolts for a cleaner underhood look. Check them out at orcall (310) 671-4345.

Wiring Wackiness

Vemp_0611_01_z Ls_engine Wiring_harness 5/67

Potent and plentiful, GM's LS-series powerplants are quickly becoming afavorite of engine swappers everywhere. But dealing with theoctopus-like wiring harness can leave many a Corvette owner perplexed.Howell Engine Developments' new ready-to-install wiring harness makesthe job of stuffing an LS in your Vette considerably easier. Completewith GM high-temp wire, OE Packard Weatherpack connectors, and high-tempshielding, this harness can help you get your project car modernized inno time. Find out more by visiting orgive Howell a shout at (810) 765-5100.

Tune Up

Vemp_0611_04_z Superchips_custom_tuning Corvette_flash_tuner 6/67

To get the most out of your late-model Vette, you'll need to optimizeits PCM programming. SCT's new XCalibrator 2 GM Custom Tuning Flashdevice can unlock much of the hidden power lurking in your '98-'04Vette's computer. The XCalibrator 2 holds up to three separatecustom-tune files and can even be used to read and clear diagnostictrouble codes. Full data-logging capability is coming soon. Check it out at or call (407) 774-2447.

Handle It!

Vemp_0611_05_z Corvette Adjustable_sway_bar 7/67

Want better handling from your C6, without sacrificing ride quality?Pfadt Race Engineering has what you're looking for. Pfadt's new C6Adjustable Sway Bar Kit (PN C6.SBA.01) features multiple adjustmentholes for both the front and rear bars, poly bushings, spherical endlinks, 6061 anodized aluminum construction for added strength, and ahollow design for lighter weight. Get the full story at www.pfadtracing.comor call (888) 972-2464.

October 2006

Put the Screws to It

Vemp_0610_04_z Kenne_bell Screw_blower 8/67

Kenne Bell has just released an intercooled twin-screw supercharger kitfor LS1 and LS6 Corvettes. This massive 2.6L unit is capable ofsupporting 950 hp, according to the manufacturer. Kenne Bell claims a180hp increase (on pump gas) at only 8 psi, and over 700 hp canreportedly be obtained from a purpose-built blower engine running 16psi. All kits mount on the top of the engine and face forward for aclassic "retro" look. Each system comes complete with a 93mm manifold, acool-air intake, and a billet fuel system. Look for LS2 and LS7 systemsin the near future. For more info, log on to

Objet's d'Car

Vemp_0610_01_z Corvette_drawings Art 9/67

Looking to decorate the den? Want to give the living room aless-lived-in look? Itching to create a killer custom kitchen? With artby Etienne Carignan, you can give your home's interior thatone-of-a-kind look using artfully rendered images of America's favoritesports car. With prints of several colors and model years available,finding one that suits your decorative bent is easy. Or, if you prefer,have a personalized print of your car commissioned. For moreinformation, visit

Air Superiority

Vemp_0610_06_z Corvette Cold_air_inlet 10/67

Get an immediate "seat of the pants" performance gain with Mid AmericaMotorworks' new Ultimate Air Intake Kit. This kit combines MAM's ram-airintake system, high-flow mass airflow sensor, and Smooth Flow aircoupler to create the ultimate C5 induction setup. Installation is quickand easy, with no modification necessary. The Ultimate Air Intake Kit isa great match for any one of MAM's free-flow exhaust systems and comesin a variety of complementary air-coupler colors. For more details, call(800) 500-1500 or log on to

Data Minder

Vemp_0610_03_z Racepak Data_loggers 11/67

Racepak's all-new G2X unit (PN 11100) is a GPS-based data-acquisitionsystem that is ideal for tracking lap times, lateral and accelerationg-forces, engine rpm, and more. Racepak, a division of MSD, says thesystem is simple to install and features easy-to-use software. Andbecause the G2X works via GPS, there's no need to set up beacons orreceivers for timing functions. Adding sensors for driveshaft speed,throttle position, and other inputs can easily enhance the system'sacquisition capabilities. The G2X is available through all MSD dealers.For more information, go to or

Add Inches

Vemp_0610_05_z Lunati Crankshaft_kits 12/67

Lunati has released a new line of forged small-block-Chevy rotatingassemblies for builders on a tight budget. Called the Sledgehammerseries, these assemblies are available in a variety of crank, rod, andpiston sizes. Compression ratios range from 9.5 to 10.5:1 when used witha 67cc combustion chamber. Each kit is internally balanced and comescomplete with main and rod bearings, spiral locks, and piston rings. Formore information, call (901) 365-0950 or visit

Cover Story

Vemp_0610_02_z Corvette_engine Covers 13/67

XSR1 Performance Products claims its new billet CNC valve covers improvetop-end oil control, allow room for higher-lift rockers, and add asleek, high-tech look to the engine compartment of any LS1, LS2, or LS6Corvette. They're even available in multiple colors. Additional newproducts include billet engine-block motor mounts, which are said tovirtually eliminate block flex and blown head gaskets on nitrous andsupercharged engines; billet driveline couplers; 80mm and 90mm throttlebodies; and halfshaft safety loops for C5s running 10.99 and quicker inthe quarter-mile. Visit or call (877)296-6723 for more information.

September 2006

Piping Up

Vemp_0609_01_z Corsa_exhaust 14/67

Corsa Performance has developed straight-through, 3-inch, stainlesssteel exhaust systems for both the C6 and Z06 Corvettes. Both systemsare handbuilt and feature the company's patented "Reflective SoundCancellation" (RSC) technology, which reportedly eliminates interiorcabin resonance. A choice of dual 4.0-inch or four 3.5-inch Pro-Seriestips is offered. No welding or cutting is required, and completeinstallation hardware and an illustrated installation guide areincluded. The systems have a limited lifetime warranty, are 50-stateemissions legal, and will not void your car's new-vehicle warranty.They're available directly from Corsa as well as through select dealersnationwide. For more information, go to or call (800) 486-0999.

Bored Out Of Its Mind

Vemp_0609_04_z Darton_block_sleeves 15/67

Looking to get a 4.200-inch bore (with 4.400-inch bore spacing) out ofan LS-Series block? Darton can help. The company's patented M.I.D.Sleeve Kit offers unparalleled strength and concentricity, as well as anexceptional leakdown rating of less than 1 percent. It also improvesblock rigidity, bore integrity, and cooling, according to themanufacturer. For more information, call (800) 713-2786 or visit

No Snow Job

Vemp_0609_03b_z Snow_performance Boost_cooler 16/67

Snow Performance has developed a new "Stage 2" Boost Coolerwater/methanol injection system for '94-up GM MAF-equipped vehicles. Thesystem uses a new digital controller that varies the quantity injectedbased on the engine's mass airflow. Because the correct amount isinjected at all rpm levels and engine loads, power and driveability arereportedly improved over typical "on-off" systems. The kit comes withall necessary components, including a high-pressure/high-volume pump andspecially designed nozzles to atomize the mixture completely. It can beused on 200-1,500hp/5-30-psi-boost applications, and installationtypically takes just two to three hours. For more info, visit

Because You Really Do Need A 502 Ramjet!

Vemp_0609_02_z Gm_performance_parts_catalog 17/67

When it comes to choosing the right engine and related components for aproject vehicle, GM Performance Parts' new 2006 catalog is the place tostart. Enthusiasts will find 40 percent more pages and nearly 1,200 newphotos, making this edition more user-friendly than ever. GMPP'slegendary crate engines are featured in over 100 pages that includedetailed photos and part listings. The section has been further improvedwith two-page spreads that showcase the technical details of eachengine, followed by lists of necessary bolt-on items and "finishingtouches" for improved appearance and performance. The catalog isavailable from any GM dealership for $5. Log on to www.gmgoodwrench.comfor more information.

Hot Off The Presses

Vemp_0609_05_z Corvette_central_catalog 18/67

Attention, '84-'96 Corvette owners: Corvette Central has just released anew edition of one of the most complete, easy-to-use C4-parts catalogsavailable. This 165-page full-color offering includes the latest inperformance upgrades, as well as interior and exterior enhancements foryour C4. Like all of CC's catalogs, this one is full of photos,illustrations, and tips to help make owning your C4 a more enjoyableexperience. Go to to order your free copy.

August 2006

Best of Both Worlds

Vemp_0608_01_z Hei Distributor 19/67

H.E.I. (High Energy Ignition) is a wonderful thing, but how do you runyour early Vette's mechanical tach? Now it's as simple as installing MidAmerica Motorworks' new mechanical tach-drive H.E.I. distributor. Thisunit is a direct replacement for the stock distributor, but gives ahotter spark and better performance you can only get with ahigh-performance module and 50,000-volt internal coil. There's even astandard connection for your mechanical tach. This distributor includesa built-in performance advance curve, plus additional weights andsprings so you can power tune to meet your requirements. It comes with ahigh-performance cap and rotor with solid brass terminals for maximumconductivity and must be used with the later-style '75-'81 H.E.I.-typespark plug wires. Only $499.99. Ask for PN 618-578 ('62-'74 distributor,H.E.I. with cross-gear 50,000-volt coil). To order, call (800) 500-1500or visit

No More Mess

Vemp_0608_02_z Fast_funnel 20/67

Ever find you need to add oil to your Vette but can't locate the funnelin your garage, or worse, the gas station is out of them? It happens.With Fast Funnel, you're spared the mess. Just tear off, pop open, andpour. Keep it wherever you like for spill-free pouring tasks. Soundinteresting? Visit formore information. Not for use with caustic or hot liquids.

"X" Marks The Spot

Vemp_0608_03_z X_style Pistons 21/67

CP Pistons has just released a new piston design for the LS1.Constructed from 2618 aluminum "X-style" forgings, these pistons have alow-friction skirt design and will reportedly clear the reluctor wheel.Engineered for a 10:1 compression ratio, they can be used for bothstreet and strip. For more information, contact CP Pistons at (949)567-9000 or visit

Bracket Racer

Vemp_0608_04_z Quick_release Fire_extinguisher_bracket 22/67

Brey-Krause has designed a mount that allows you to free your fireextinguisher within seconds, using only one hand. The R-9520 QuickRelease Fire Extinguisher Bracket is CNC machined from 6160 billetaluminum and clear anodized for durability. The bracket attaches to allexisting mounts with supplied stainless steel hardware. Visit for moreinformation and a demonstration, or call (610) 867-1401.

Zex Puts More On Its Plate

Vemp_0608_05_z Zex Nitrous_plate 23/67

ZEX now offers its Dominator Perimeter Plate as a retrofit kit for all"squeezed" machines employing spray-bar technology. According to ZEX,the plate's multiple injection points provide better, more balancedatomization than do older spray-bar-type systems. ZEX further claimsthat the plate acts as a heat sink, to cool your carburetor, and that itinjects nitrous at an optimized angle, low and toward the center of theintake plenum. The retrofit kit includes the ZEX Perimeter Plate andappropriate gaskets. For more information, contact ZEX at (888) 817-1008or online at

Reading Your Rocket's Ratios

Vemp_0608_06_z Fast Air_fuel_ratio_gauge 24/67

Do you own a FAST XFI wideband oxygen sensor? If so, FAST has madereading your results that much easier by offering this air/fuel ratiogauge. Designed to connect directly to the preexisting sensor, this unitshows ratios from 10:1 through 18:1, displayed through a full range ofindicator-needle motion. No laptop is required for tuning. The gaugefeatures a white, 25/8-inch-diameter backlit face with a bright orangeneedle. For more information on this or any other FAST product, call(901) 260-3278 or visit

Beefing Up Your Arms

Vemp_0608_07_z Speed_direct Control_arms 25/67

SpeedDirect has new aluminum upper-control arms for '63-'82 Corvettes.This kit reportedly provides increased positive caster for greaterstability and improved bumpsteer. Additionally, it relocates the frontroll center for significantly improved handling and even offers an8-pound weight savings over stock. This bolt-on kit is available innatural and polished-aluminum finishes and comes complete withinstructions, bushings, cross-shafts, and ball joints. Contact SpeedDirect at www.speeddirect.comor (888) 253-9680. For technical questions, call (940) 769-3804.

Pump It Up

Vemp_0608_08_z Electric Water_pump 26/67

Having a clearance problem with your engine swap? Looking to increasepower in your stock motor? This new Proform Bowtie High-PerformanceElectric Water Pump can help in either case. It's officially licensed byGM and can add up to 15 hp by reducing weight and drag, according to themanufacturer. Available for popular GM small-blocks, this pump cancirculate up to 35 gpm and comes in several finishes. For moreinformation or to order a full-color catalog, contact Proform at (586)774-2500 or visit

July 2006

Taking It All In

Vemp_0607_03_z_new_corvette_products 27/67

The Gen III small-block has proved itself a major powerhouse, so it'sabout time someone designed an ultra-high-performance intake for it. TheWilson Manifolds Billet Bank Intake is just such an item. It can supportover 450 cubic inches and 1,000 hp when equipped with a Wilson high-flowthrottle body and fuel rails. It works with most popular cylinder headsand is designed to accept Nitrous Pro-Flow direct-port nitrous systems.It's made from billet 6061-T6 aluminum and Heliarc welded for fit andmaximum structural integrity. For more information, contact WilsonManifolds at (954) 771-6216 or visit

Up To Spec

Vemp_0607_01_z_new_corvette_products 28/67

SPEC has introduced several new clutch and flywheel products for the C6Corvette. Available are seven stages of single-disc clutches to cater toany power level up to 1,000 lb-ft of torque, as well as two multi-discunits that can support up to 1,300 lb-ft. The new Stage 3 Plus is thestreet/strip flagship, providing a smooth engagement, tremendous lifeexpectancy, and an 850-lb-ft torque capacity. SPEC's standard C6pressure plates are 2 pounds lighter than stock; a rebuildable aluminumunit that weighs an incredible 11 pounds less than stock is alsoavailable. SPEC also offers two flywheel options for the C6: a 22-poundhigh-carbon billet-steel unit and a 12-pound aerospace-qualitybillet-aluminum piece with a replaceable friction plate. (The OE unitweighs 26 pounds.) For more information, contact SPEC at (800) 828-4379or visit

Ice, Ice, Baby

Vemp_0607_02_z_new_corvette_products 29/67

The car-care experts at Turtle Wax have developed a new wax calledTurtle Wax Ice. It's a clear liquid that wipes on and off with minimaleffort while producing a lasting shine. The polish can be applied topractically any exterior surface, including bumpers and the plasticmoldings around side-view mirrors, headlights, and indicators. Unlikemost waxes, Turtle Wax Ice can be applied in direct sunlight, it leavesno white residue on the vehicle, and it's designed to protect your car'sfinish from the sun's damaging UV rays. For more information, check or visit your local retailer.

Frame Job

Vemp_0607_05_z_new_corvette_products 30/67

Owners of vintage Corvettes--in this case the '53-'62 editions--can nowenjoy performance and handling comparable to that of a current model byswapping out their OEM frame for a GT Sport chassis from Art MorrisonEnterprises. A literal bolt-in project, Morrison's GT Sport chassiscomes with body, bumper, core support, engine, and transmission mounts.It can accommodate small-block or LS-series engines, as well as four-,five-, and six-speed manual transmissions, and most GM automatics. Foradditional information, call the Art Morrison tech line at (800)929-7188 or visit the Web site at

Light Up My Life

Vemp_0510_05_z_new_corvette_products 31/67

While a decent flashlight may not be a priority on your to-buy list, thenext time you use yours, you may wish it had been. Let's face it:Standard torches leave a lot to be desired. If it's not the dimness,it's the durability or the longevity. Lightwave has fixed those issuesand more with its selection of efficient portable lighting. Seen here,the Tec Series brings flashlight design into the 21st century byutilizing super-bright light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in place of standardbulbs, which means whiter light that is more pleasant to work around.More importantly, LEDs last for thousands of hours, compared with abulb's average life span of fewer than 50. Best of all, Lightwave hasreported as many as 700 hours of use from a fresh set of batteries.Compare that with the 10-hour span from a standard flashlight. to shed some light on this and other products.

New Kid On The Block

Vemp_0607_04_z_new_corvette_products 32/67

Starting with the goal of improving upon GM's LS7 and C5-R units, WorldProducts has designed a new engine block for the Corvette. The WarhawkLS7X is made from 3357-T6 aluminum alloy and is equipped with both lateLS1 and standard small-block mounts, making it a bolt-in for any'58-and-later Chevrolet. Better yet, the Warhawk can accommodate a4.250-inch crank. Combine this with a bore of up to 4.125 inches, andyou get a whopping 454 cid. The Warhawk LS7X will accommodate allstandard GM LS-series components and is available in both 9.240- and9.800-inch deck heights. Best of all, it's priced much lower than a newC5-R race block. To obtain additional information, call (631) 981-1918or visit

Bolt-On HP for Your C6

Vemp_0510_04_z_new_corvette_products 33/67

Want to add huge horsepower to your C6 with simple bolt-on pieces?Breathless Performance Products claims you can, with its Vortex RammerCold Air System. The Rammer replaces the restrictive stock airboxassembly and obtains cool, pressurized air from the radiator cavitythrough the modified shroud, which lowers manifold air temperature byalmost 70 degrees, according to the manufacturer. Just how does thiswork? Why not give Breathless Performance Products a call and find out?Contact BPP at (954) 925-7725, or visit

Keep Your Fuel Cool

Vemp_0604_05_z_new_corvette_products 34/67

If your daily driver sees a lot of traffic, or if your race car runs alittle hot at the track, the Barry Grant Heat Sink might be for you. Itoperates on a simple theory: Cooler fuel means prolonged fuel-pump lifeand increased performance. Made from extruded aluminum, the heat sinkinstalls in line and is designed to work with both EFI and carburetedengines equipped with flow-through-style pumps. It's available in 8- or12-inch lengths and with -8AN or -10AN fittings. Retail prices are$89.50 for the 8-incher and $109.50 for the 12-inch version. For moreinformation, go to or call (706) 864-8544.

High-Performance Fluids

Vemp_0607_06_z_new_corvette_products 35/67

Quaker State has turned it up a notch with the introduction of its new QPower System. Performance enthusiasts might already be familiar withQuaker State's Q line of performance oil. The Q Power System is a newaddition to the existing lineup, which now includes gear anddifferential lubricant, Radiator Quench Super Coolant, and transmissionfluid. Visit your local Quaker State retailer, or log on

Sounding Off

Vemp_0606_03_z_new_corvette_products 36/67

Customization wizard Chip Foose has teamed up with Arc Audio to producea new line of high-performance automotive audio products. The FD Seriesincludes amplifiers, subwoofers, and speakers that complement both OEMand custom auto interiors. The line is available through authorized ArcAudio dealers. To locate your nearest Arc dealer, visit www.arcaudio.comor call (209) 543-8706.

Cracking the Codes

Vemp_0602_03_z_new_corvette_products 37/67

Want to know the exact cause of that worrisome check-engine light? Ifso, consider Innova's new 3030 OBD2 Car Reader. An easy-to-read LCDscreen provides critical feedback when you're working on your car,evaluating a used-car purchase, or preparing for smog certification. Itworks with any '96-or-newer vehicle. For more information,

June 2006

Brace Yourself

Vemp_0606_01_z_new_corvette_products 38/67

DynoTech has just released a heavy-duty differential strut specificallydesigned for the '05 six-speed Corvette. According to DynoTech, thisstrut solves the problem of differential- and transmission-case fracturethat can occur during hard acceleration on the street or strip. Thismodel uses the same engineering concepts as DTE's C5 differential strutto control the violent "wrap-up" action that can shear the differentialcase away from the transmission-mounting flange and cause catastrophicdamage to one or both components. For more information, visit www.dynotech-eng.comor call (260) 407-5455.

You're Covered

Vemp_0606_02_z_new_corvette_products 39/67

Mid America Motorworks claims its new Satin SnugFit car cover is likenothing else on the market, and we tend to agree. This "stretch fiber"literally fits your Corvette like a glove. The outside is satin, whilethe inside is a fleece-like, super-soft fabric that will not harm yourcar's exterior. After the first use, Satin SnugFit "memorizes" the exactshape of your Corvette for easier installation in the future. It'savailable in red or yellow. Visit or call (800) 500-1500 for more details.

Not Quite Niagara

Vemp_0606_06_z_new_corvette_products 40/67

Add more style to your Corvette's interior with this new WaterfallConsole Extension from Scorpion Fiberglass Creations. Made fromhand-laid fiberglass, this piece weighs approximately five pounds andcan be painted to match your Vette's exterior. According to Scorpion, it"fits like a glove" and requires no tools for installation. For moreinformation, log on to or call (856) 405-0757.

Wheelie Cool

Vemp_0606_04_z_new_corvette_products 41/67

Corvette America now offers this race-inspired C6R-style wheel in twodifferent finishes: fully polished chrome and gloss-black painted withpolished chrome outer rim. Both types feature 25 carefully machined andinstalled rivets on the outer rim, giving these one-piece aluminumwheels a two-piece "racing" look. They come in stock C6 sizes (19x10rear, 18x8.5 front), fit all '97-'06 Corvettes, and are available eitherindividually or as a complete set. For more information or to order,visit or call (800) 458-3475.

Spacing Out

Vemp_0606_05_z_new_corvette_products 42/67

Comp Cams' Vibration Absorber Carburetor Spacers are said to preventboth high-rpm lean-out and irregular fuel atomization, and to insulateagainst power-robbing engine-heat transfer. They're built for use with4150-, 4500-, and 2300-model four-barrel carburetors, and are availableto suit both gasoline and alcohol applications. Comp says the spacersfeature a shock-resistant composite construction that makes themcompatible with all types of racing applications. For more informationabout this or any other Comp Cams product, call (800) 999-0853 or

MAY 2006


Vemp_0605_new_products_01_z 43/67

Are you a little "Car Crazy"? Many Vette fans are--including the NationalCorvette Museum, which stocks Meguiar's products in its own store. Quitepossibly the longest-lived company in the industry, Meguiar's has beenin the business of waxes and beautification products since 1901. Today,the company offers a vast and regularly updated line of products to suitvirtually any car-detailing need. Meguiar's is so committed, in fact,it's even launched a "Car Crazy" TV show on the SPEED Channel. And withthe NCM endorsing it, can you go wrong?

Look for Meguiar's at your local retailer. To find one, learn properdetailing techniques, or order products online, visit Thecompany can also be contacted at Meguiar's Inc., 17991 Mitchell South,Irvine, CA 92614; (800) 347-5700.

Stuf products

Vemp_0605_new_products_02_z 44/67

Stuf Products is the brainchild of a bunch of car guys and gals who gottogether at lunch one day and thought, How hard is it to make wax? Yearslater, not only are they taking the market by storm, they--and theirblown-and-flamed C5 "company car"--have even shown up the pages of VETTEMagazine on several occasions. The nice thing about Stuf is the amountof care and detail the company puts into its work. You won't find Stufat your local mega-outlet, and for good reason: Each batch is purposelykept small in order to maximize quality. And once it's gone, it's gone.Stuf offers more than 20 individually formulated waxes to choose from,ranging from shiny to super shiny. And if you need more than wax, Stufalso offers glass cleaner, interior detailer--nearly anything a car buffcould ask for. Sound like a winner? Give Stuf a try and find out.

To learn more about the stuff behind Stuf, visit Once there, you can read about the company, shop the online store, orfind a authorized retailer in your area. Stuf can also be contacted atStuf Products, 145 N. Sierra Madre Blvd., Ste. 3; Pasadena, CA 91107;(626) 792-9560.

Eagle one

Vemp_0605_new_products_03_z 45/67

Our associate editor was sure to include Eagle One in this list, buthe'll admit to being a bit biased, saying, "I've used this stuff since Iwas old enough to drive." Admittedly, this wasn't that long ago (wedidn't know you really could get a license out of a box of CrackerJacks), but we'll overlook his driving record for now and concentrateinstead on the product. A lot of people will tell you all waxes are thesame, but as technology improves, E1 stays with the curve, changing itsformulas to meet ever-rising standards. One of the easiest brands tofind at your local store, E1 offers a wide range of high-qualitycar-care products. Even better, the company claims to have adoptednanotechnology (literally, "the science of the small") to help protectyour car's finish in ways other waxes can't. So, if you're looking for asurefire way to spruce up your Vette's interior, exterior, or wheels,there's never a "dull" moment with Eagle One.

To bone up on nanotechnology or to see what else Eagle One has to offer,log on to There,you can surf the online store, wade through pages on car care, or lookfor a local retailer that might only be a short swim away. E1 can alsobe contacted by writing Eagle One, P.O. Box 14000; Lexington, KY 40512;(877) 5EagleOne.


Vemp_0605_new_products_04_z 46/67

Glare was once a relatively unknown company that promised big things inthe future. Long a standard of the aviation world, Glare recently beganoffering its polish for professional and casual automotive use.Formulated with the silicate Glassplexin, Glare polish purportedly"turns to glass on and within the painted surface and becomes part ofthe paint." According to Glare, Glassplexin forms a covalent bond andbecomes a rock-hard barrier that protects against sunlight, road grime,and just about everything else. If it sounds too good to be true, justtake a look at Glare's five-year warranty. If a reapplication isrequired within that time frame, a Glare referral center willprofessionally detail your car free of charge. We'll be trying Glareourselves in the near future, so look for a product review in anupcoming issue.

To learn more about Glare products, read customer testimonials, or shopthe company's online store, visit can also be contacted at Glare, 5190 Neil Rd., No. 430, Reno, NV89501; (866) 37-GLARE.

APRIL 2006

Raising the Nitrous Bar

Vemp_0604_prod_07_z 47/67

It's time to evolve! In the past, nitrous systems have relied upon brassspray bars as a means of delivery. ZEX has taken a quantum leap forwardwith its Perimeter Plate Nitrous System forDominator-carburetor-equipped engines. The new kit consists of aperimeter plate that sits on top of the manifold and utilizes 12injection points to deliver bottled power to your engine in a moreefficient manner. Additionally, it features Cryo-Sync technology toreduce carburetor and manifold-tract temperatures and promote a densercharge. The Perimeter Plate Nitrous System is tunable from 100 to 300 hpand is available as a complete kit or as a stand-alone plate. For moreinformation, contact ZEX at (888) 817-1008 or go to

Torqued Up

Vemp_0604_prod_02_z 48/67

Much like an oil change, a semi-regular purging of your old transmissionfluid can prolong the life of one of your Vette's most valuable assets.And while most transmissions have a factory-installed way to straintheir own fluids, a little help can go a long way. For this, considerProTorque's Hi-Performance Bypass Micro Filter. A mere 2x3.5 inches insize, this filter has a combined filtering area of 59 square inches tohelp catch particles your eyes can't. Available in anodized red, blue,and natural finishes, it features an inner filter that's replaceable atnormal service intervals. For more information on ProTorque's line ofproducts, check out orcall (631) 218-8700.

Clutch Cargo

Vemp_0604_prod_06_z 49/67

Got a hot LS1 and need a clutch that's up to the task of harnessing thepower? If so, consider Centerforce's six-puck sprung-hub disc, a recentaddition to the company's ever-expanding DFX product line. According toCenterforce, this disc was designed to handle modified LS1s whileretaining driveability. Even better, it can be used with any of thecompany's high-end pressure plates. An LS2 application is coming soon.For pricing, contact any Centerforce dealer or call Centerforce directlyat (928) 771-8422. You may also visit the company's Web site,

Heavy Breather

Vemp_0604_prod_01_z 50/67

We all know that more air usually equates to more horsepower. The trickis getting that air in. One of the many ways the aftermarket hasconquered this problem is with larger-cfm throttle bodies. The 1,200-cfmoval unit shown here comes from Tuned Port Induction Specialties (TPIS)and is made specifically for the LS1 and LS6. CNC-machined from aluminumalloy, it purportedly makes as much as 22 extra horsepower on a stockengine, or up to 30 on a modified one. TPIS also offers high-performancethrottle bodies for the L98, LT1, and LT4. For more information, contactTPIS at (952) 448-6021 or visit

Gotta Hand It to 'Em

Vemp_0604_prod_03_z 51/67

It's a fact: Gas, oil, and car grime can wreak havoc on your hands.You've seen what this stuff can do to your parts--imagine what it's doingto you! SkinMD not only acts as a skin conditioner, it forms a barrierto help repel the damage caused by working on your prized possession.It's even made of organic ingredients, in case you're into that sort ofthing. Call (800) 540-4790 for the nearest store or


Double Bubble

0603_01x Chevrolet_Corvette_Convertible Driver_Side_Rear_View 52/67

C5 convertible drivers can now say goodbye to those rainy-day blues,with a high-quality removable hardtop from Smooth Line. Each top arrivesfinished in black urethane primer that's ready for the top-coat color ofyour choice. The shell is made of automotive fiberglass, while theinterior is upholstered with a headliner. Custom rubber moldings andrain guards help protect both you and your car's interior from inclementweather. Upgrades include a tinted-glass rear window with a defogger anda headliner available in standard Corvette interior colors. Call (877)368-4533 or visit formore information.

Five On The Floor

Vemp_0603_prod_02_z 53/67

Classic Chevy 5-Speed's new Ultimate Fit Vette Kit for C2 and C3Corvettes makes it possible to replace your car's original manual orautomatic transmission with a new Tremec five-speed overdrive--withouthaving to cut or modify the floorboard or console. A special mountingbracket is used to adapt the Tremec transmission to the stockcrossmember, and a custom slip-yoke with a removable cap allows thedriveshaft to be installed or serviced without removing the gearbox.Each kit includes all required parts, an instructional guide, and a DVD.Contact Classic Chevy 5-Speed at (760) 230-2045 or on the Web at

Getting Your Bearings

Vemp_0603_prod_03_z 54/67

Proper lubrication is critical to engine life. In high-performanceapplications, oil starvation is the easiest way to kill your motor andlose the race. Comp Cams' new Fluoropolymer Composite Coated CamshaftBearings for 2.124-inch big-block Chevy applications may just be theanswer to this problem. According to Comp, fluoropolymer helps bearingsretain engine oil on their surface even under extreme heat and pressureconditions. Being a lubricant itself, the coating provides secondary,backup lubrication in the event momentary oil starvation occurs. orcall (800) 999-0853 for more information.

The Wheel Deal

Vemp_0603_prod_04_z 55/67

ZE Forged High Octane wheels are now available in two- and three-piececonfigurations, in sizes ranging from 17 to 22 inches. High Octanewheels can be built to clear the biggest brake kits on the market--a keyselling point for Vette owners with upgraded binders. Available finishesinclude powdercoat, brushed satin, high polish, and painted center. Youcan contact ZE Forged at (866) 634-4626 or visit

Not A Clip-On

Vemp_0603_prod_05_z 56/67

Proform has expanded its Factory Performance line of Official LicensedGM Restoration Parts with these new Bowtie alternators. All componentsused in these assemblies are 100 percent new, including the heavy-dutyrotors. Each alternator features machined pulleys and a fully polishedcase for a show-quality appearance. Several makes, models, and amperagesare available. For more information, visit

Keeping 'em In Line

Vemp_0603_prod_06_z 57/67

Characterized by a billet-aluminum housing and a screw-on cap, BarryGrant's In-line Mini Fuel Filter contains a slim, pleated 2-inchstainless steel filter element that screens down to 8 microns.Cleanable, reusable, and available in three sizes (-6, -8, and 3/8-inchNPT), the Mini Fuel Filter is ideal for numerous applications, frommidyears to sharks and beyond. Replacement O-rings and filter elementsare available separately. For more information,


Interior Decorating

0602_01z Chevrolet_Corvette_Coupe Passenger_Side_Forward_Interior_View 58/67

Interior in your vintage Vette not up to spec? Is your C2 nearly seethrough? Does your C3 make people flee? Is your C4 a real eyesore? Ifso, Corvette America can help. In addition to complete interiorpackages, the company now offers professional-quality seat-coverinstallations for a nominal labor charge. That means you'll get 100percent correct texture, grain, color, and fit--plus a perfectinstallation. Just send in your seats and let the experts at CorvetteAmerica do the rest. To learn more, visit or call (800) 458-3475.

Darton Rolls Out Its Sleeves

Vemp_0602_prod_02_z 59/67

Ready to take your C6 to the next level? Darton Sleeves' new LS2 DrySleeve Kit may be just the thing. Designed for bores up to 4.125, thesesleeves incorporate Darton's new Seal Tight Technology and are made fromhigh-strength ductile iron. For more information, contact Darton at(800) 713-2786 or visit

Top It Off

Vemp_0602_prod_04_z 60/67

PML's new LS1/LS6 valve covers feature raised fins, cast-in internalbaffles, PCV/breather holes on the intake sides, and two recessed boltsper cover (the stock covers use four each). They come with gaskets andmounting hardware, and feature sand-cast aluminum construction and thickwalls for superior strength. The covers are available in as-cast,powdercoated, and polished finishes. Visit formore info.

Fire Sale

Vemp_0602_prod_06_z 61/67

H3R Performance has announced the introduction of its MaxOut andHalGuard fire-extinguisher lines. MaxOut contains a dry chemical productthat extinguishes fires and purportedly will not conduct electricityback to the operator. HalGuard features an EPA-approvedhydrochlorofluorocarbon that is discharged as a rapidly evaporatingliquid and, according to H3R, does not leave residue--an importantfeature for protecting your Vette. Both products are available in 1.0-and 2.5-pound sizes, are made in the USA, and are UL listed. Contact H3RPerformance at (800) 249-4289 or point your browser

Double Vision

Vemp_0602_prod_05_z 62/67

Weiand's Action +Plus dual-plane intake manifold (PN 8121) is nowavailable for small-block Chevy engines with '96-and-later Vortec (L31)iron heads. The manifold makes 25 more peak horsepower and 23 more lb-ftof torque than the competition, according to the manufacturer, buildingoptimum power from idle to 5,500 rpm. Each casting is fully CNC machinedfor fitment and port matching, with ports measuring 2.02 inches high and1.05 inches wide. A front height of 3.38 inches and a rear height of4.50 inches provide excellent hood clearance. For more information, call(800) HOLLEY-1 or visit


BBK's Going to Throttle You

Vemp_0601_prod_04_z 63/67

If you're looking to upgrade your C4 or C5, one of the best places tobegin is the throttle body. BBK's Power Series 80mm line for the C5increases flow by 35 percent and adds 8-12 rwhp, according to thecompany. The C4 Power Series is available for all Tuned Port and LT1Corvettes. Available in twin 52mm and 58mm sizes, the C4 units outflowthe factory parts by 30-40 percent and deliver 8-14 hp. For moreinformation on these and other BBK Performance Products, contact BBK or call (951) 296-1771.

Short Throw for the C6

Vemp_0601_prod_02_z 64/67

With the addition of B&M Racing & Performance Products' Precision SportShifter (PN 45044), C6 and C5 owners can achieve shifting perfection inless than an hour. By relocating the shifter's pivot point, shifterthrow is reduced by 33 percent, which equates to quicker shifts andimproved transmission feel. An isolated upper stick assemblydramatically reduces driveline vibration and improves control betweengears. For more information, contact B&M Racing & Performance Products,Dept. VM, 9142 Independence Ave., Chatsworth, CA 91311; (818) 882-6422;

Big Tubes for Your C6

Vemp_0601_prod_06_z 65/67

Installing long-tube headers on a C6 is easy, but putting together anafter-cat exhaust system is considerably more involved. RandomTechnology has simplified the task with its C6 Street/Race exhaustsystem. Part number 773000 is a bolt-in, 3-inch-diameter, stainlesssteel after-cat for six-speed sticks. It's designed specifically for usewith Melrose long-tube headers, and a similar system is available foruse with the stock setup. For more information, contact RandomTechnology, 4430 Truck Rd., Dept. VM, Loganville, GA 30052; (770)554-4242;

Show 'em the Door

Corvette America now carries '94-'96 "exact reproduction" door panels.All four original colors are available, and each panel includes theupper window wipe already professionally installed. Simply remove yourexisting door panels, transfer a few pieces of trim, and install yournew Corvette America door panels for a factory-fresh look. For moreinformation or to find a dealer near you, call (800) 458-3475 or

Turn Key's Turnkey LS2

Vemp_0601_prod_05_z 66/67

This 700hp supercharged and intercooled LS2 SuperStreet engine wascreated by Turn Key Engine Supply. Notable features include a forgedcrank, rods, and pistons; an iron cylinder block for additional strengthunder maximum boost; Air Flow Research aluminum cylinder heads forunmatched breathing; and a Kenne Bell 2.4-liter Blowzilla Twin Screwsupercharger and intercooler. For more information, check out or contact Turn Key Engine Supply, 2620 Temple Heights Dr., Unit B,Dept. VM, Oceanside, CA 92056; (760) 941-2741.

Design it Yourself

Vemp_0601_prod_01_z 67/67

Classic Tube has everything you need to fabricate your own stainlesssteel exhaust system in whatever configuration you need--straightlengths, U-bends, J-bends, 90-, 45-, and 15-degree bends, V-clamp andflange assemblies, and straight overlapping tabs. Produced using16-gauge (0.065) 304 stainless steel, this tubing is available in sizesfrom 3/4 to 3 inches. For additional information (comprehensive catalog$3), contact Classic Tube, 80 Rotech Dr., Dept. VM, Lancaster, NY 14086;(800) 882-3711;



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