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November 2006

Can You Take The Pressure?

Vemp_0611_06_z Zex Nitrous_pressure_regulator 2/67

While adding nitrous alone will give you a significant performanceboost, a little fine tuning can have your engine producing even moretire-melting power. Zex's new Nitrous Pressure Regulator Kit (PN 82180)can go a long way toward maximizing the efficiency of your nitroussetup. It's fully adjustable from 500 to 1,100 psi and features anadvanced flow regulator capable of supporting over 500 horses' worth ofjuice. The kit comes with everything you'll need for installation, alongwith a complete tuning-and-installation guide. Check it out at or give Zex abuzz at (888) 817-1008.

Unzip Your C6's Potential

Vemp_0611_03_z Zip_products Corvette_power_packages 3/67

Want more eye-popping, skirt-blowing power out of your C6? Zip Productshas just the thing. Zip's new C6 power packages will give your Vetteenough extra juice to cook the tires and smoke your competition. Fromthe mild, 5-10hp Stage 1 package to the hard-core 450hp Stage 4, Zip canhave your C6 terrorizing the street and strip in no time. And for theZ06 owner who's looking to satisfy a lust for extra power, Zip offersLS7 upgrades up to 560 hp! See what they have to offer at call them at (800) 962-9632.

Cover Story

Vemp_0611_02_z Ls_engine Valvecovers 4/67

PML's new sand-cast aluminum valve covers are a great way to dress upthe engine compartment of your '87-'96 Vette. Compatible with allcenter-bolt Chevy small-blocks, these covers feature cast-in baffles,brushed or polished fins, and are available in as-cast, black, or ChevyOrange powdercoat (shown) finishes. They even eliminate the center twobolts for a cleaner underhood look. Check them out at orcall (310) 671-4345.

Wiring Wackiness

Vemp_0611_01_z Ls_engine Wiring_harness 5/67

Potent and plentiful, GM's LS-series powerplants are quickly becoming afavorite of engine swappers everywhere. But dealing with theoctopus-like wiring harness can leave many a Corvette owner perplexed.Howell Engine Developments' new ready-to-install wiring harness makesthe job of stuffing an LS in your Vette considerably easier. Completewith GM high-temp wire, OE Packard Weatherpack connectors, and high-tempshielding, this harness can help you get your project car modernized inno time. Find out more by visiting orgive Howell a shout at (810) 765-5100.

Tune Up

Vemp_0611_04_z Superchips_custom_tuning Corvette_flash_tuner 6/67

To get the most out of your late-model Vette, you'll need to optimizeits PCM programming. SCT's new XCalibrator 2 GM Custom Tuning Flashdevice can unlock much of the hidden power lurking in your '98-'04Vette's computer. The XCalibrator 2 holds up to three separatecustom-tune files and can even be used to read and clear diagnostictrouble codes. Full data-logging capability is coming soon. Check it out at or call (407) 774-2447.

Handle It!

Vemp_0611_05_z Corvette Adjustable_sway_bar 7/67

Want better handling from your C6, without sacrificing ride quality?Pfadt Race Engineering has what you're looking for. Pfadt's new C6Adjustable Sway Bar Kit (PN C6.SBA.01) features multiple adjustmentholes for both the front and rear bars, poly bushings, spherical endlinks, 6061 anodized aluminum construction for added strength, and ahollow design for lighter weight. Get the full story at www.pfadtracing.comor call (888) 972-2464.




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