1967 Chevy Corvette - Light My Fire!

One Man's Near Disaster Is Another Vette's Chance At A New Life

James Miles Dec 1, 2004 0 Comment(s)
Vemp_0412_05_z 1967_chevy_corvette Rear_bumper 2/8

At end of 1986 the body was mounted back on the frame and ready for paint. While the mid-year sat waiting for paint, someone stopped by who liked the bodywork just as much as the owner did-enough that he tried to steal the entire front clip of the Corvette. Regretfully, all he ended up doing was destroying the fiberglass from the doors forward. With an insurance battle raging, it took all of 1987 to return the car to what it had been before the near-theft-with the addition of the new-style headlight pods. During this time, Michael married his girlfriend who he'd met through their mutual Corvette club, Colorado Springs Corvette Club, and the Corvette was placed on the back burner.

Before long the new couple had both a daughter and son, and it was suddenly 1998. With the car sitting in his parent's garage, Walter and Joann Bochnak "relit his fire" and soon Michael was off again on another tangent, installing the interior and working on the paint scheme. In the end, friend Bob Braidwood sprayed 45 coats of candy Brandywine paint, 20 of those buffed off. With the final coat of clear applied, this '67 became a real "ICATCHR." Six years later the Corvette still takes Best of Show and People's Choice at 75 percent of the shows it attends, proving that this '67 is still as hot today as when it burned up the streets long ago-almost literally.


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