1967 Corvette Restorama - Total Restoration

The Ins And Outs Of Engines

James Miles Nov 1, 2004 0 Comment(s)
Vemp_0411_01_z 1967_restoration Dream_car 2/21

This month VETTE Magazine finishes up on the engine rebuild overview we started on in our October issue. With the whole enchilada back from Haas Machine shop, Dan Darst and Larry Bartley took care of getting the 427 reassembled, prepped, painted, and sitting back between the framerails of the freshly coated chassis. Everything is beginning to come together, and not too soon for Dave Vandegrift, owner of this soon-to-be-restored '67, we bet. And away we go!

Vemp_0411_10_z 1967_restoration Cap_install 9/21

Once the crank was installed along with the pistons, it was time to break out the torque wrench again. The specs on the 427 called for 80 ft-lb on the main caps and 50 for the rod caps. Plastiguage was used to determine bearing clearance. The mains were from .0006-.0011, and the rods were from .008 to .0013.



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