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Jan Duvall
1993 Coupe

Vemp_0409_09_z Ladies_day_out Jans Ruby_red_vette 2/18

In 1994, Jan Duvall of Jacksonville, Florida, bought a 40th Anniversary Edition Ruby Red Metallic Corvette. Three years later, she made one of the biggest mistakes of her life; she sold it and suffered seller's remorse ever since. Two years ago, Jan went to a car show and saw a Vette just like the one she used to have and decided that she had to get another one. She went on the Web and located this '93 40th Anniversary. She bought the car and swears never to sell it again. Her license plate reads "MY RUBY TWO"-this being the second Ruby Red 40th Anniversary Corvette she has owned.

Brownie Points
Kathy Bramati
1969 Stingray
1967 Convertible
1969 Stingray

Vemp_0409_10_z Ladies_day_out Kathys_vettes 3/18

Steve Bramati would like to dedicate this to his wife Kathy for always loving and supporting his Corvette love over the years. And it would only be natural that after all of Kathy's contributions that she would grow to love Corvettes just as much. The couple's first Vette was a red '69 L88 that was featured in VETTE in 1995. The car has also been awarded with three NCRS Top Flights and two Bloomington Gold certifications. Their second Vette is a '67 427/435 convertible. The car is all original, and they are hoping to earn a Gold in Bloomington with it this year. Last but not least is the Cortez Silver '69 L88 that was awarded with a Bloomington Gold certification as well. Kathy and Steve recently sold the silver '69 which makes us wonder what's next?

Family Time
Jane Gilmond
1974 Stingray
1990 ZR-1
2003 Convertible

Vemp_0409_11_z Ladies_day_out Janes_vettes 4/18

In a lot of cases, people would say three's company. But in Jane Gilmond's case, she would say you're crazy. Especially since Jane and her husband own three different generations of Corvettes. It all started when they purchased the '74 Stingray 14 years ago. Then, after that followed the red ZR-1, which just happens to be Jane's favorite. The latest Vette to enter the family is an '03 50th Anniversary Edition. Jane and her husband belong to the Palm Springs Corvette Club, and odds are if there's an event, Jane and her husband are there with the family-literally. Not only do the two bring out the Vettes, but they bring their kids; Alexandria, 14 and Devon, 10, usually tag along as well.

Corvette Nanny
Lynn Earhart
1993 Coupe
1998 Coupe

Vemp_0409_12_z Ladies_day_out Lynns_vettes 5/18

Forget about Hulk Hogan and Mr. Nanny, the only nanny that matters around her is Lynn Earhart from New Jersey. When Lynn married her husband years ago, she knew she was in for it. When they met, Lloyd was busy racing a '62 fuelie Vette, and Lynn knew right then and there what she was in for. After their kids were married and gone, it was time for Lynn to buy the car she wanted-not one that suited the family.

Vemp_0409_14_z Ladies_day_out Lynns_vettes_rear_view 6/18

She bought her first Vette, a Black Rose Metallic '93 coupe at the VETTE Magazine East Coast Show & Go. She drove the 10,000-original-mile car every day for two years before she began entering it in shows. After a few shows, Lynn decided she would limit the '93's use to shows and special occasions. Now she was forced to find another daily driver, and a '98 coupe turned out to be a perfect fit. In order to entertain her grandkids at Corvette events, she started displaying a C5 pedal car and C5 remote control car alongside her ride at shows. Her grandson only found it fitting that she should have her very own nickname. Therefore he gave her a shirt that said, "Corvette Nanny," with a purple C4 embroidered on it. Coincidence that it's the same as the '93? No, I don't think so. Now, wherever Lynn goes, people know the Corvette Nanny is around for two reasons: she always has a sign next to her cars, and the '93's license plate reads "NANNY 93" and the '98's reads "NANNY 98."

Until Next Time...
Mary Lou Laroche
1954 Convertible

Vemp_0409_13_z Ladies_day_out Lous_54_vette 7/18

In 1962, Mary Lou Laroche and her late husband purchased this '54 from Don Yenko. They raced the Vette for two years on the dirt track circuit. Then in 1964, the couple began restoring the Vette. They began a frame-off restoration and installed a three-speed, but they no longer had a garage. They were forced to store the car for the next 30 years. Now that Mary's son has built a new garage, the Corvette was been moved there, and the restoration has been restarted. Mary Lou is a member of the Corvette Club of Western Pennsylvania, NCRA, and the National Corvette Museum. Hopefully we will see Mary Lou's finished '54 in next year's "Corvette Ladies."

Volunteer Work
Dianne Lehm
1986 Convertible

Vemp_0409_15_z Ladies_day_out Diannes_yellow_convertible 8/18

Dianne Lehm has been riding shotgun in a Corvette since the moment she was born. Her earliest memories of Corvettes-when she was really young-was going for rides in the Maryland and Virginia countryside in her parents' '64 drop-top. In fact Mom, Dad, and Dianne were all part of the Corvette Club of America until they moved to the Big Sky Country, which, by any other name is Montana. Mom and Dad had a '78 Pace Car at that time, but Dianne fell in love with a different Pace Car. When the yellow Corvette Pace Car convertibles came out in 1986, Dianne was mesmerized. Last year she decided that it was about time she get on the ball and got a Vette of her own.

She looked high and dry in search of a yellow '86 before finding one in-Montana! It was owned by a ranch couple who'd kept the Vette in town because driving up and down their gravel road would damage the paint. The Vette only had 35,000 miles on it, but that was all going to change soon. Between May and November-it gets packed away the rest of the year-Dianne enjoys taking the Vette for a spin through the back roads of the scenic Montana mountains. During the other months, Dianne is busy serving on the Board for the Senior Helping Hands Organization, volunteering at Zoo Montana and the Billings Food Bank, and raising and showing Persian cats.

Saved By The Grace Of Chevy
Suzan Hey
1990 Convertible

Vemp_0409_16_z Ladies_day_out Suzans_vette 9/18

Before Corvettes Suzan Hey used to drive around Vacaville, California, in a '72 Porsche 911 Targa. Then her husband bought a '92 Vette with a six-speed, and she found how much more fun it was to drive a Vette. When her husband upgraded to an '03 Z06, he bought a '90 convertible with an auxiliary hardtop for Suzan. The only request Suzan had was her Vette had to be a convertible. Although the Vette is now 14 years old, it's only got 45,000 miles on it! Now that the Vette is all Suzan's, it's no surprise to see her cruising or in local parades. With the top the down, of course, but that's a given.

Mary Stetch
2003 Coupe

Vemp_0409_17_z Ladies_day_out Marys_03_vette 10/18

Mary Stech is a student at the University of Delaware and when she wasn't attending school, she had been saving her nickels and dimes in hopes of one day owning a Corvette. In the summer of 2002, Mary first saw an '03 50th Anniversary Corvette and fell in love. She went to her Dad and asked him if he would help her buy one of the special edition Vettes, and before you knew it, they were headed to the dealer to place an order. Mary is now a member of the South Jersey Corvette Club. She also has been using her Vette for parades and high school homecoming events. Sure beats my ride to homecoming, not that Mom's Explorer wasn't cool or anything...


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