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Dakota Wentz Sep 1, 2004 0 Comment(s)
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It was Ladies Day Out for some of the women of Denver's Looking Glass Corvette Association, and they picked a great spot, Red Rocks, for a picture with their Vettes.

The Ladies Are:
Back Row: Sarah Malone ('63), Sarah Robinson ('87 and '78), Debbie Lasson ('93), Ronni Garrison ('93), Cammie Oliver ('69), Jane Walker ('98), Esther Kistler ('00), and Jeanne Avery ('94).

Middle Row: Gloria Hecht ('94), Elaine McFarlane ('58), Bettie Pannell ('76), Phyllis Nuss ('95), Janice Koldeway ('04), Janet Hoy ('92), Shirley Reiner ('87), Trudy Neff ('03) Jamie Lou Thompson ('96), Vicki Seader ('82), and Mary Land ('03).

Front Row: Marni Krueger ('94), Denise Deihl ('90), Sandy Everett ('01), Terri Lugger ('99), Debbie Carey ('95), Patty Jackson ('99), Sandi Robben ('02), Cindi Wallace ('98), Jeanne Malone ('02), and Mary Grier ('99).

Does Life Get Any Better?
Jo Vivola
1993 Convertible

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For Jo Vivola of Stanton Island, New York, life doesn't get any better. She spends her spare time doing the things she loves, such as drawing, painting, dancing, and reading. Not only that, but she has been married for 40 years and has two married sons, and the sound of seven grandchildren is often heard around the house. Then, to top it all off, she's the owner of a '93 Black Rose convertible-which she's had since 1996. Since then, she has clocked 20,000 miles on it, added a set of chrome wheels, and installed a DVD player. For the grandkids, maybe? I dunno. On the weekends Jo enjoys attending car shows with her club, the Richmond County Corvette Club. And the only thing she enjoys more than her hobbies is winning First in her class. Jo told us, "I am a devoted subscriber to VETTE Magazine...and I never leave home without it!"

Wait Your Turn
Melva Naami
1966 Corvette Convertible
1967 Corvette Convertible
1969 Corvette Coupe

Vemp_0409_03_z Ladies_day_out Melvas_vettes 4/18

It's hard to be a good mom. You have to sacrifice everything you want in order to better your kids' lives, and then on top of that, put up with them! And no one knows this better then Melva Naami from Cary, Illinois. Melva always liked the style of the '60s and early-'70s Corvettes, but unfortunately she was never able to get one. Instead she ended up buying a house and raising three boys. But now that the house is paid for and the boys are all grown up, it's Melva's turn. Since then she has bought a '66 Corvette convertible with a 327 and a Nassau Blue paint job, a Marlboro Maroon '67 convertible with a 427, and to round out her collection, a big-block-powered LeMans Blue '69. Melva plans on buying a Corvette for each of the years her sons were born. So far she has the '66 and the '69, and she is looking for a '72 454 convertible. As for the '67, they'll have to learn to share it, but not just yet.

Elvis Has Left The Building
Christine Williams
1984 Coupe, 2001 Z06

Vemp_0409_04_z Ladies_day_out Christines_vettes 5/18

Christine Williams from Reno, Nevada, the "Biggest Little City in the World," has been in love with Corvettes since the day she met husband in 1978. He drove a '64 Sting Ray coupe built by House of Corvettes in Southern California. The couple currently owns two Corvettes-an '84 and '01 Z06. The '84 was the recipient of some serious TLC. Christine added an Edelbrock water pump, throttle body upgrades from Hypertech, and an exhaust system from Monza Performance, and she rebuilt the crossfire injection with a computer chip upgrade. A set of 17-inch American Racing rims with Yokohama tires was also added. To top it all off, the car was repainted Candy Apple Red with White Pearl. The Z06 boasts a ram air induction system and a carbon-fiber air tunnel. The car is dressed in color-coordinated Speed Lingerie, and the interior is covered in black and red. Oh yeah, for the record, Christine also loves Elvis!

Out And About On The High Seas
Vicki Seader
1982 Coupe

Vemp_0409_05_z Ladies_day_out Vickis_coupe 6/18

It had always been Vicki Seader's dream to own a Corvette, and when the time came in 2001, she didn't let it cruise on by. The crossfire-injected '82, the last of the C3s, wasn't her husband's first choice. However, Vicki knew it was the car for her. The Corvette is 1 of 664 to come from the factory with the two-tone white-and-silver color scheme. When Vicki isn't cruising in her Vette, she is busy cruising the ocean with her own cruise business.

Corvette Summer
Kelly A. Somerville
1985 Coupe

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Kelly A. Somerville from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has been in love with Corvettes since the day she laid on eyes on her dad's '76 Stingray. She can remember taking it for drives during the hot summer days. After a few years of that, she decided it was time for a Vette of her own. The only real stipulation that Kelly had is the fact that it had to be red. And once she found this red '85 coupe, she no longer used Dad's. Not only does she drive her '85 in summer, but also she drives it to shows, Steelers and Pirates games, and just plain, old long drives as well.

Old MacDonald, Eat Your Heart Out
Denise St. Onge
2001 Z06

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Unlike most Corvette enthusiasts, Denise St. Onge hasn't been a fan all her life. Instead she's only been a fan for a short while. Before Vettes, her only interests were water-skiing and taking care of her animals-which consist of a pot-bellied pig, a horse, three chickens, two cats, a pigeon, and a fish. Old MacDonald, eat your heart out! Anyway, when her husband bought a '98 Vette in 2002, Denise wouldn't even drive it. But when the dealer let her husband borrow an '01 Z06, she figured she better at least drive the '98 once before they ended up selling it. She drove the '98 for a whole week and has been hooked ever since. Now she's really hooked since she's been driving the Z06 around town!

Just 4 MP
MaryPat Palmer 2004 Coupe

Vemp_0409_08_z Ladies_day_out Marypats_black_04 9/18

MaryPat can remember telling her Dad in the '60s that she wanted a Corvette and all Dad could say was, "Well, if you work hard enough and save your money, someday you'll have one." Well, after working and waiting for the perfect Vette, MaryPat finally found one. In September of 2004, she walked into the dealership and wrote a check for a black '04 coupe. MaryPat tells us, "As I take it for a drive along the coast every Sunday, I find myself smiling for no particular reason. It was so worth the wait!" MaryPat even personalized it with her license plate that reads, "JUST 4 MP."




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