Lighten Up! - C4 Corvette Headlight Motor Replacement

Is Your Early C4 Feeling A Little Stuck-Up? Don't Replace-Update!

James Miles Jul 1, 2004 0 Comment(s)
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It happens to every Vette out there with vacuum or mechanically controlled headlights. They will fail. If it's not the gearing, it's the motors. Eventually, it was my turn to deal with this little facet of Corvette life. As I looked through the various catalogs that contained aftermarket Vette parts by the dozens, I came to realize we C4 owners have few options-unless leaving your headlights in the "on" position is acceptable. One of those options is held within the pages of Mid America Motorwork's '84-96 Corvette catalog. In 1988, the entire headlight assembly received an update. The relays, numbering three in the earlier years, were taken down to one. The motors themselves (noisy, clunky, outdated self-destructing dinosaurs) were replaced with a smaller, whisper-quiet assembly that promised longer-lasting operation. Mid America Motorworks offers these headlight assemblies complete as a bolt-on kit for us early C4 owners. I gave Mid America a call and ordered up one of their '84-87 OEM Headlight Motor Replacement kits. It only takes a few hours to install (thanks goes to Jason Scudellari and the Primedia Tech Center) and, aside from an upgrade to brass gearing or going all out and getting fixed lamps (I'm a little partial to my "frog eyes"), this is as good as it's going to get. So if your C4 is acting a little stuck-up, you may want to consider this easy, worthwhile replacement.


Mid America Motorworks
Effingham, IL


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