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1987 Chevrolet Corvette - James Don't Know Jack!

Bad Luck Abounds With The '87's "Car Voodoo"

James Miles Apr 1, 2004
0404vette_01_z 1987_chevrolet_corvette Damage_horizontal 2/18

Okay, before I get too far into this installation, Team VETTE has officially nixed the moniker "The Phoenix" in favor of "The Zombie." That's right, we've renamed my C4 in favor of something that seems more fitting. For those of you unfamiliar with the history of The Zombie, the '87 is a wreck-bought-cheap from a friend. With backend damage that was easily repairable, it seemed like a good entry-level Corvette that would be an inexpensive fix. While I still stand behind that idea, the accident shook loose the car gremlins, and they've been making life hell for us since. Case in point...

Recently, while doing a brake and rotor story, a jack that was being used to hold up the car broke. That sent the wheels it rode on in opposite directions and caused the Vette to shift its weight, which in turn caused a misplaced jack stand to push right up into the fuel line-crimping the line and crippling the car. This is a fancy way of saying, "I dun' screwed up and jacked a fuel line."

0404vette_15_z 1987_chevrolet_corvette Final_wrenching 3/18

Since we're working from the damage forward, we cut the fuel lines, provided by J&D Corvette of Bellflower, CA, roughly in half (arrow).

While most might consider this a matter of pride and keep it under wraps, I say nay and fully launched myself into discovering the best way to repair the damaged lines. After all, if I'm going to screw it up, I'm going to learn a few things about the repair process. A quick call was put into J&D Corvette of Bellflower, California, and they pulled the fuel lines I needed for my year Corvette. Speaking of years, it'll take anybody about that long to do a full removal, so we opted to repair everything from the damage forward instead of taking the entire rear of the Vette apart. Anyone who's worked on the rear understands our reasoning since the Corvette seems built around the lines itself and would involve removal of the entire suspension system to get at them.

Did it work? We'd like to say yes, but the fact of the matter is The Zombie's "car voodoo" has kept us from testing the new lines as an unrelated problem with the gas tank meter and sending unit has given rise to a tech story next issue. Stay tuned; we'll resurrect this wreck yet!


J&D Corvette
Bellflower, CA 90706



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