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Concept C60 Corvette - What A Concept!

The C60 Corvette

Team Vette Mar 1, 2004
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The desire to make a car one's own, through customization of engine and appearance, has given rise to an entire industry of aftermarket-parts manufacturers and customization shops. Engine modifications have been performed on hot rods since the '50s and this continues to present day. The fifth-generation Corvette is no stranger to engine "tuning." Until now, however, there has been little offered to C5 owners to give their highly modified Corvettes a super-car road presence. Exotic Rebodies, Inc., a Henderson, Nevada-based manufacturer of fiberglass automobile body parts, has stepped in to fill this void.

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"Many Corvette owners have modified their C5s to get 400 to 500-plus horsepower. Their cars perform like super cars but still look like every other Corvette on the road. With the Concept C60, their Corvette can drop jaws before dropping the pedal to the floor! With the Concept C60 restyling kit, they can stand out from the crowd and look as unique and exciting as their Corvette really is," explains Exotic Rebodies, Inc. President Joseph Zyskowski.

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Dubbed the Concept C60, due to its concept-car looks and styling influence from the '60 Corvette, the retro/heritage kit merges the past with present, and then takes a wild departure-speculating on the future. The aggressive hood of the Concept C60 sports a raised, functional hood scoop that should clear a Magnuson supercharger. The fifth-generation Corvette's headlights are replaced with exposed headlights that are almost 1 1/2 times longer than the pop-ups. The front fender vents are almost twice as tall and deep as the standard C5s. The Concept C60 delivers a futuristic, concept-car look to all C5 Corvettes.

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All Concept C60 parts can be purchased separately and are interchangeable with stock C5 Corvette parts. This flexibility allows C5 owners the ability to purchase just the hood, just the side treatment, or just the headlights, or any combination of the three depending on personal taste. Installation involves removing the stock Corvette parts and replacing them with Concept C60 parts-utilizing original mounting points and hardware. Installing the headlights requires cutting the front bumper according to a template so it will accept the longer shape.

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The Concept C60 restyling kit will be available for $5,495 (not including shipping, installation, paint, or Nevada state sales tax-if applicable). Initial production began in October of 2003 and is limited to approximately 10 kits per month. Each limited production kit will come with a matching numbered Certificate of Authenticity signed by Exotic Rebodies, Inc. President, Joseph Zyskowski.


Exotic Rebodies, Inc.
Henderson, NV 89015



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