Retro C5 Corvette Conversion - The Avelate Fifty Three

The Future Of Yesterday

Team Vette Mar 1, 2004 0 Comment(s)
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Avelate Automotive Inc. is proud to announce a new addition to the Avelate Collection of Corvette conversions. Inspired by the first-series Corvette: Avelate's new offering is the "Fifty Three." Like Avelate's other models, the Split-Window, Roadster, and Speedster (which are inspired by the classic Sting Rays of the '60s and '70s and is a unique evolution of that heritage), the Fifty Three is not a retro copy or a reproduction of the first Corvettes but an original and unique work of automotive art. The Fifty Three is what Avelate Automotive believes the first-year Corvette would have evolved into-given time. The well-rounded lines, the simplicity of the interior, and the '53 essence are intact and take you back to a yesterday while keeping you firmly planted in today's market-just take a closer look at the boldness that the larger rounded lines give. The design features a low-oval mouth flanked by round headlights molded into the audacious fender forms. The clean slab sides are reminiscent of the '50s and flow with a gentle wedge to the rear.

The rear itself features a contemporary version of the original's round trunk shape, which is set between the taillights and mounted high in the rear quarters-echoing the front theme. This all-new body completely replaces the factory body, and the interior is restyled to carry out the Fifty Three design theme.

The Fifty Three will be available in two models: First the Convertible and then the Hatchback Coupe. A limited production "Commemorative-Edition" version of the Fifty Three will be offered in celebration of the Corvette's 50th Anniversary. These Commemorative Edition models will be offered in only one color combination: Polo White Pearl exterior and Sportsmen Red leather interior-a salute to the original white with red '53 Corvette. To ensure the exclusivity of the Commemorative Edition model, only 50 coupes and 50 convertibles will be built.