1993 Chevy Corvette Convertible C4 - Sorta' Incognito

For Officer Joni Page, "Off Duty" Means Corvette Time

John Nelson Nov 1, 2002 0 Comment(s)
Vemp_0211_07_z 1993_chevy_corvette_convertible_c4 Headlights 2/9

In it's current form, with some extra-dark tinting added to the windows, the '93 is just what the doctor ordered for when Officer Page gets off duty. "That sound, and those tinted windows...after people watching me all day, no one can see me...I just go," Joni exults. And while she issues the standard "we watch it" disclaimer, she does 'fess up to some extracurricular activity. "You should see our street," Joni admits with a laugh. "Our neighbors probably hate it, but half of our tires are on the road." Hey, it just sounds like a little healthy stress release to us!

As for where this Vette is heading...well, we're pretty certain its gonna get harder for Joni to motor around unnoticed. There's talk of an ATI supercharger, and the Pages have already ordered a 12-point rollcage from Chassis Engineering. With larger tires and the proper seatbelts, Joni figures they should be ready for a run at the track. That should be some run, given that Jason, the mechanic in the family, has said, "I wanna see what it feels like to go 10s." And though he comments that Joni has "no idea" what it's like to go that fast, he thinks it's great that she's into it. When asked if he's concerned, Jason just says, "No, I want her to!"

Vemp_0211_08_z 1993_chevy_corvette_convertible_c4 Engine 3/9

Joni, of course, answers, "Oh, yeah," when asked if she's into this hardcore stuff. "I want my opportunity to take it to the races...Jason's the mechanic...just let me drive it." In fact, Joni concedes that the '93 could "ultimately" end up as a race car. "But not," she says, "until I get a '60." See, while she's "biding time" weighing her professional options (which could be taking the next step and becoming a full-fledged police officer, or going back to college for a law degree), Joni's also saving for the car she's wanted all along. And, while they're also getting their C4 into fighting shape, the whole family has embraced the Corvette hobby. Joni and Jason recently made their first trip to Bowling Green for the 50th Anniversary Kick Off; at home, 12-year-old Alexandra has already decided that she also wants a Corvette. Officer Joni may want to keep a low profile during her off hours, but we have a feeling that the Page family and their Corvettes are going to find it increasingly difficult to stay incognito.




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