Classic 1962 Chevy Corvette - R Fate

A Very Special Survivor

Wayne Ellwood Oct 1, 2002 0 Comment(s)
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Rob and Sue spent hours talking with David about the history and facts about the car. They discussed in the merits of an all original Corvette and the fact that you can always buy a restored car, but that every day there are fewer unrestored cars in existence. David fondly remembered the trip to Michigan with his son and Bob Gold to pick up the fuelie. When Bob Gold passed away, David lost a good friend. The Fawn Beige solid-axle held some wonderful memories, but on the practical side it was one car too many in his collection...something had to go. Since all of the others were mid-years, the '62 was it.

What David didn't know was that fate was working against him. The car burst a radiator hose on the way into the auction tent and had to be shown as a non-running car. As a result, it didn't meet the reserve and David loaded it into the trailer and headed home. Of course Rob and Sue had been among the bidders, but auction fever had quickly driven even this non-running survivor over the amount they had set as their ceiling. They were very disappointed. The entire drive home was spent trying to figure how they could get David to make the car theirs. Miraculously, when they arrived home three days later there was a voice mail. David had also been thinking about things. He would be happy to sell the '62 to them if they were still interested.

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When they inquired as to "why them?" David replied, "that his good friend Bob Gold had sold hundreds of Corvettes and was always so very pleased when he felt that the right car went to the right people-and Rob and Sue were the right people for this '62." It must have been fate.

But we're not finished just yet. Although arrangements to buy the car had been finalized, a severe hurricane passed through parts of the eastern U.S. the week they were to pick up the car. Flooding was extreme. A phone call to inquire on the state of the car resulted in a return fax. There was a hand drawn picture of a house under water and a barn sitting high and dry up on a hill. There was an arrow pointing to a Corvette in the barn and a big happy face on the side. Rob and Sue picked up their "perfect Corvette" the week following and the sun was shining all the way back to Canada.

Happy endings are rare in the automotive business, but this was one. Rob and Sue hadn't been looking for an all-original car. They hadn't even been hooked on a fuelie. They had just wanted a car that spoke to them. In this case, the voice was loud and clear. Their choice of registration tag says it all...R Fate.


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