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Actually, It's "Ladies Only" With This Tulsa, Oklahoma, Corvette Club

Bob Wallace Sep 1, 2002 0 Comment(s)

Glenda Cranson '01 Coupe
Glenda retired in November 2000 after working for 35 years, 18 of them as a manager, for Southwestern Bell telephone. She's along-time Corvette fanatic having bought her first one, a '78 Silver Anniversary that she still owns, brand new in 1978. In 1985 she joined Tulsa Vette Set, but job demands limited her participation for many years. She and her second husband, Pee Wee, married in February 2000. The Millenium Yellow '01 coupe was his retirement gift to Glenda, and he's also helping her to restore her '78. They enjoying Corvetting together in show, parades, cross-country touring, and with Glenda's three grandchildren.

Carol Harrison '95 Coupe
Carol, the founder of L.A.C.E., is a hardcore Corvetter-she and Dave, her husband of 35 years, have owned at least 11 Corvettes, without counting her current ride, an Admiral Blue with gray interior coupe and Dave's six-speed Quicksilver '02 convertible. Both Carol and Dave have been, and still are, quite active with the Tulsa Vette Set (he's a past president and she is currently an elected member of the board of directors). In addition Carol owns and operates a 56-year-old business as an authorized distributor for a major driveshaft couplings manufacturer. That doesn't sound very "lady-like" but Carol says that she, "...went to work for a bunch of old men; they all died, I was left to carry on, and I did!" That was 1988. Carol and Dave have a son and a daughter plus their respective spouses. Carol mentioned her age (we're certainly not going to tell) then concluded by telling us she's, "...getting younger every year."

Diana l. Johnson '98 coupe
Diana is a relatively recent convert to Corvetting. This tax partner in a Tulsa-area CPA firm told us that, "Less than five years ago I thought that buying a Corvette was a waste of just seemed silly to spend that kind of money on transportation." Her husband, Joe, thought different and convinced her that there's more to life than bottom line, and the result of that very sensible argument was a Torch Red C5. Diana's attitude towards Corvettes has changed a wee bit since then. "Nothing can compare with the feeling you get when you're behind the wheel of America's only true sports car...that's a feeling that you just can't put a price tag on." The Johnsons are now on their third Corvette, and Diana relates that she now wants a C5 convertible while Joe wants a Z06, and they're looking for a '63 split window for their 17-year-old son, A.J.

Sundra Fulbright '94 Convertible
Sundra, a surgical assistant, was the youngest of eight children and says she, "...was always getting leftovers or hand-me-downs." As a teenager she dated guys with Corvettes but never dreamed she'd have one of her own. When her husband, Bryon, suggested they buy a Corvette, she initially hesitated then, after they found this Arctic White convertible with an auxiliary hardtop and beige interior, she gave it a big thumbs-up. They joined the Tulsa Vette Set, a sound decision as Sundra told us, "We didn't know that we could have so much fun by joining a club." More recently, she joined L.A.C.E. "Bryon and I have such a wonderful time driving to different functions and meeting all the different people. We will always own a Corvette."

Julie Jones '00 Convertible
Julie is a registered nurse and a charter member of L.A.C.E., and lists her hobbies and interests as reading, playing golf and, "...any activities L.A.C.E. does." She says that the club gives her, "...quite a respite from the busy world in which we all live," as well as, "...time to spend with new and old friends, time to enjoy our great cars, and time to make a difference in the lives of others who are not as fortunate as we are. Our special project, DVIS, brings each of us a special blessing." Ms. Jones told us that she and her husband, Vernon, find that, "...a ride in a beautiful Corvette after a long day is a truly superb way to relax." Her final comment to Team VETTE was, "What a great life!"

Donna Reese '00 Convertible
Back when she was in high school, Donna's dream car was a '76 Stingray. Marriage, children, and a career as an accountant put that dream on the backburner. Then about six years ago Donna and her husband, Mike, decided it was time to make her Shark dream a reality. They found a nice, Corvette Orange '77 coupe for sale and snapped it up. However, Mike was so taken with the Shark that it became his, and Donna went Vette shopping, again. "I wanted a C4. It had to be a Polo Green convertible, tan interior, sports seats, and a six-speed." They found THE car in Nebraska. All was well until they drove a fellow Tulsa Vette Set-er's C5 and, "...the search began for a Bowling Green convertible, six-speed (of course) and all the extras." As is obvious by the picture, Donna has her C5 convertible and, as Donna says, "Dreams do come true."




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