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Actually, It's "Ladies Only" With This Tulsa, Oklahoma, Corvette Club

Bob Wallace Sep 1, 2002 0 Comment(s)
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Sally Singer Williams '92 Convertible
Unlike most of the other ladies profiled here, Sally didn't grow up loving Corvettes. She grew up on a farm, and her idea of horsepower had four legs, a tail, and a mane. It was only after marrying Carl Williams, a dyed-in-the-wool Corvette fanatic, in 1999 that she became acquainted with, "...the joy of owning and driving a Corvette." One year later, they purchased their Bright Red '92 convertible from a friend. Sally and Carl co-manage a professional trade association, and the red ragtop is their way to, "...get away from work and enjoy life." She now loves driving the Vette and is imparting her passion to her five-year-old granddaughter, Courtney. This one-time horse enthusiast says, "I am now a dedicated Corvette lover."

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Debby Thompson '80 Coupe, '60 Roadster
"You are never too old to learn or to try something new," says Debby Thompson, who has bought two vintage Corvettes in the past few years. She had coveted Corvettes, "...since I was 16 years old, and I'm not going to tell you how many years ago that was." The '80 is Debby's driver while her '60 is currently being restored because, " husband had a fender bender in it one day." Debby says, "The 'C' in Corvette stands for: Cash, Credit Card, or Check." Debby started out cruising and going to car shows, but decided last year to try autocrossing. "What a rush! I'm still in training but hope to enter competition this summer or fall." Her fanaticism has spread through the family. Her husband is the mechanic, their eldest son does the paint and bodywork, and the younger son just bought a '79. "I can't imagine my life without a Corvette in the garage or driveway. I am totally in love with America's only true sports car."

Nancy Orr '89 Coupe
Until a few years ago, Nancy, a secretary in Tulsa, never really thought much about owning a Corvette, even though her sister, "...has always owned one." There were concerns like where to stow three car seats when the kids were young. When the kids got older, a Corvette, "...never seemed like the ideal car to get them to ball practice." That was then and now that Nancy and Rick's three kids are grown, a red Corvette, " the only car to own and to have a fun time in." Patience does have its virtues. By the way, Nancy is "Sunshine Girl" for L.A.C.E. and also serves as Social Chairperson for the Tulsa Vette Set.

Leanne Young '88 Convertible
The garage at the Young's home in suburban Sand Spring probably has the stalls marked "HERS" and "HIS." Leanne's ride is a Bright Red '88 convertible while Todd's toy is a '93 RPO Z25 40th Anniversary package that sees duties as a weekend plaything and autocrosser. In addition to caring for their two daughters, Leanne works at "Curves," a fitness center for women. One of the Young's two dogs, a black lab named Jo-Jo, is a therapy dog that Leanne takes for regular visits at local children's hospitals and senior citizen centers. As if that wasn't enough, Leanne is a charter member of L.A.C.E. and serves as the group's graphic designer. But mostly, "I enjoy driving my Vette with these fine ladies."

Elsie Joy Lytle '96 Grand Sport Coupe
Elsie and her husband, Bruce, are in business together as ocularists (makers of prosthetic eyes) and says that they both, "...enjoy seeing people eye our '96 Grand Sport." The GS was originally purchased by fellow Tulsa Vette Set-ers Don and Charlene Mayer. Elsie, who owned a pristine '78 Silver Anniversary model at the time, saw the striking Admiral Blue with white stripes coupe and fell madly in love. She made it clear that if the Mayers were ever to sell the Grand Sport, she wanted to be the first to know. She waited over five years for the momentous call, then immediately sold the '78. Was it worth it? Elsie say that she and Bruce, "...really enjoy our 'new' gorgeous and fast Corvette."




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