2002 Corvette Z06 - Like A Duck Takes To Water

Karen Davis Takes to "Corvetting"

Jerry Heasley Sep 1, 2002 0 Comment(s)
Vemp_0209_08_z 2002_black_corvette_z06 Good_time 2/8

"We've done that on every black Corvette we've had since the Grand Sport 1996s came out. We had a '02 Z51 Suburban and we put the hash marks on that also. Our black trailer? We put the hash marks on it. It's kind of like our thing. Everybody knew it was our car. That was the Davis' trademark and you would not believe how many people have started putting hash marks on their cars."

Karen holds her own in Corvetting with her local "Another Corvette Club" where she lives in Peoria, Arizona. She'd like to see other women, single, married, young, old, grandmothers, whatever, join their local car club and enjoy Corvettes. For these women, she offers words of encouragement.

"I think a lot of women don't think the car hobby is for them. They don't feel like they have a right to take part. I think it's wrong for them to feel like they have to sit off on the sidelines. They can be out there doing everything their husbands or male friends are doing. It's not a gender type of a sport. If you can drive a car on the street, you can race it on the track."

Karen does. She challenges the men and enjoys beating them on the track.

"You know what's funny?"




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