1990 Chevy Corvette Coupe - This Corvette Owner Is An Artist By Day, And Ghost Buster By Night

Ghost Busting Vette

James Miles Sep 1, 2002 0 Comment(s)
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Linda Houle, of Friendswood, Texas, is a mother of two boys and has a husband who performs what can be best described as "rocket science" for the space shuttle program in Houston. Linda, herself, spends her days at home working as an artist, using wood, metal, and fabric to create items that get shipped to customers and stores all over the United States. At night, however, she has a vocation of a different type, one that could be described as being a little bit spooky. You see, while hubby is away working with rockets that will get us beyond the stars, Linda is busy communicating with spirits who are beyond the grave. As she told us, "I am a real-life GhostBuster. I have been a professional Paranormal Investigator for almost two years. I seek out ghosts and hauntings-investigating and documenting them on film and video."

Now while the validity of ghosts, rods, and voices from beyond can be argued, one thing can't-Linda's taste in vehicles. As a daily driver she has picked a beautiful '90 Quasar Blue Metallic coupe equipped with an automatic. Having owned it for only a month, this "nightly driver" has taken Linda on several outings in style, "I recently went down to Goliad, Texas, to investigate the Presidio La Bahia-the only fully restored Spanish fort in the U.S." Linda has many more weekend ghost hunting trips planned with the Vette she has named the "Blue Diva," and as she likes to say, "So many ghosts, so little time."




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