1978 Corvette In Harmony - A Corvette State Of Mind

When My Husband Deployed To Afghanistan, The Dog And I Hit The Road In The Corvette In Search Of Peace

Kristin Henderson Sep 1, 2002 0 Comment(s)
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Almost home. After touring the Corvette Assembly Plant, Rosie and I spent the rest of the day at the Museum.

My husband will be gone seven months before he sees home. Just before Christmas, he will step off a C-130 transport plane onto the tarmac at Kandahar Airport. Along with his Marines, he'll a spend a month in Afghanistan, sleeping in a tent in subfreezing weather, avoiding landmines, watching tracer rounds light up the night sky during an enemy attack, and running to comfort the injured after an accidental explosion. Later, he'll be in Pakistan, waiting to hop a ride on any available C-130 when one goes down nearby, killing all on board. But he will return home. And when he does, the Vette, the dog, and I are waiting for him.

Editor's Note: Krisen, Rosie, and their '78 Vette appeared in last years "Salute to Corvette Ladies" (September 2001) on page 40.


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