2002 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 - Jay's New Toy

The Tonight Show Host Adds A Hard-Core Vette To His Collection

Bob Wallace Aug 1, 2002 0 Comment(s)
Vemp_0208_06_z Jay_leno_custom_chevrolet_corvette_z06 Side_skirt 2/9

A W2W custom grind camshaft actuates custom 7.40-inch pushrods with custom restrictors, which in turn work a set of OEM 1.7:1 rocker arms that reside in the flow-enhanced CNC-ported aluminum LS6 cylinder heads. Valve sizes are 2.02 inches on the intake and 1.57 inches on the exhaust, and they're teamed with Competition Cams 941 valve springs with .030-inch shims and titanium retainers.

The Gen III stroker breathes through a Donaldson "Blackwing" high-flow air filter and a Wheel to Wheel carbon fiber induction tube; exhaling duties are handled by W2W long-tube, stainless steel headers, which empty into GM OEM 6.0L Silverado catalytic converters and out through a Corsa 3-inch stainless steel "Touring" exhaust system.

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The high-powered Vette was fitted with stout Brembo brakes and Hawk Braking street pads at all four corners: 14-inch discs up front and 12-inchers out back. Brembo's stand-alone mechanical parking brake calipers are also utilized.

Leno's muscular Z06 sports an extra measure of performance in the tire and wheel department. Fikse FM5 five-spoke wheels and Goodyear F1 Fiorano tires put the power to the pavement. A pair of 18x10-inch wheels wearing 295/35-18 rubber fills the front wheelwells; thanks to a Wheel to Wheel mini-tub kit, humongous 18x12-inch wheels with monster 335/30-18 slabs of rubber fit inside the widened wheelwells.

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We'd call all that rear-wheel grippability a necessity, rather than a nicety: in addition to the aforementioned 514 hp (which arrives at 4,500 rpm) Jay's new toy/beast/road remodeler or way-to-meet-local-law-enforcement is producing well over 450 lb-ft of torque by 3,000 rpm-and stays there all the way to its peak of 524 lb-ft at a lofty 5,600 rpm. If that's not high performance for a street car...well, it is, so that's that. Jon Moss just chuckled when asked about this beast's performance. "It's very quick, and very responsive," he observes. "It's dialed to the 'Nth' degree."

As for Leno's take on the newest addition to his stable, it doesn't take a monologue to get the point across: "If it's fast, I like it," is a statement he utters often. Well, this one is, and he does. We're not sure if Jay plays favorites when it comes to doling out driving time among his many unique and entertaining conveyances, but we'd bet a certain yellow Vette will have will racked up more than a few miles by the time you're reading this.


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