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Bob Wallace Aug 1, 2002 0 Comment(s)

Decidedly less exotic than the Mosler MT900, Saleen S7, or Ford GT40 is DaimlerChrysler's Viper, which is undergoing a both facelift and a bump in horsepower and torque. The already formidable Dodge will, unfortunately, probably rip the Corvette (Z06 included) a new one when the next generation hits the streets with 500 or so horses and mountain-moving torque coming from that gargantuan and flatulent sounding (but incredibly potent) V-10.

Then there's Corvette. Now don't get me wrong, this isn't intended to be a "dis" of the current car or of the 50th Anniversary Edition. But, the Corvette could be so much more. I'll be real surprised if the 50th Anniversary model doesn't foment some controversy; if there isn't, to some degree, a love it or hate it attitude. Personally, I like it, not $5,000 worth, but I think it's an attractive package. I don't, however, feel that it is anywhere near the best possible representation of the Corvette to symbolize and honor the past and to look ahead to, hopefully, another half century.

That's probably why I'm sitting in a dinky office in Southern California, working on a magazine, rather than in marketing, engineering, design, or brand management in Detroit. I woulda' gone for a SuperVette, a 7L, 500 horse Z06-plus. A limited run of them, in a memorably bright color slathered over trick (i.e. custom, like on the Tiger Shark) front and rear fascias and hood, with even wider and larger tires and wheels than on the regular Z06. Price it just under $100,000 and make it a bold statement to the world that a Corvette can easily be the equal of anything any legitimate manufacturer of exotic automobiles, and superior to damn near all of them!

It ain't gonna happen now, but I've heard things from a couple well-placed persons at GM, about something referred to as GMX245 or C6 Supercar that gives me hope for the future. This is, or will be, a lightweight (under 2,900 pounds) C6 with-guess what?-a 7L 500-plus horse derivative of the Gen III LS1/LS6 engine...maybe a paddle shifter. Supposedly, there are several operable prototypes in various stages of development, and I've heard that this beast might (with an emphasis on the "might") actually be available in 2006.

That would definitely be something to celebrate!


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