1958 Chevrolet Corvette Race Car - Blood & Thunder

This Cheeky '58 Vette Holds its Own Against Its British Counterparts

Iain Ayre Jun 1, 2002 0 Comment(s)
Vemp_0206_03_z 1958_chevrolet_corvette_race_car Restored_bumper 2/6

Is Bernie retiring from Corvette racing, then? No chance-he's just taking time out to build a new car. The new one is loosely based on a '59 shell, and will have another hot small-block, this time mounted back under the dash to get the weight just right. Will the car be black with hot rod flames? Of course it will. The plan is to have the new car ready for the Corvette's 50th Anniversary celebrations in 2003, and to ship it out to the States for some racetrack action. That'll be a relief for the Aston boys, then: They'll feel a lot safer with Bernie charging around on the other side of the Atlantic rather than sliding sideways across the track in front of them on the first corner of every historic sports car race.

Tech Specs
1958 Corvette, with new front and rear bodywork, original doors and hardtop.

Some original '58 Corvette, some replica. Front end narrowed '67-69 Camaro.

Vemp_0206_04_z 1958_chevrolet_corvette_race_car Performance_engine_components 3/6

327 Chevrolet, bored .030 over, with Carillo HB rods, Ross racing pistons, Lola T70 heads: about 375-400 bhp.

McCloud clutch release in bellhousing, double plate clutch,up rated Super T10 four-speed, Camaro live axle with limited slip differential.

Flaming River Vega for Camaro axle.

Front: Camaro wishbones, '68-78 Corvette spindles, 650-pound springs, big antiroll bar. Rear: live-axle on Guldstrand leaf springs, Koni racing shocks.

Vemp_0206_09_z 1958_chevrolet_corvette_race_car Race_track 4/6

Front: '68-78-type disc brakes with two-pin callipers. Rear: original drums.

Wheels & Tires
Various 15x7 racing five-spokes, with Yokohama A008 225/60x15 tires.


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