1988 Chevy Corvette Z01 - White Out

The 35th Anniversary Edition Is Not A Mistake!

Rob Wallace III Apr 1, 2002 0 Comment(s)
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One-time-only white crossflag logos replaced the standard ones on all 35th Anniversary Corvettes, including on the hood, fuel door, and wheels. 35th Anniversary emblems adorned each front fender.

The Anniversary Edition Corvettes were well equipped with luxury features inside as well. RPO Z01 automatically included all the premium Corvette options, such as the AQ9 leather Sports Seats combined with the six-way power options, electronic climate control air conditioning, and illuminated driver's vanity mirror. It also sported the rear window and side mirrors defogger option, blue-tinted transparent roof panel, and Corvette's top sound system, the Delco-Bose AM/FM stereo cassette. Upgraded suspension meant all Z01s came with the Z52 Sport Handling package as standard equipment. The result of all this was a top-of-the-line offering that required few options for the consumer.

Steve Herbetko, a retired engineer from Philadelphia, has begun his Corvette collection with a pristine and highly original "35th Anniversary Edition" coupe. It took Steve 43 years to fulfill his dream of becoming a Vette owner, but that didn't sap any of his enthusiasm. "I got hooked on Vettes at age 12, after the first one I saw in 1953," Steve reminisces. "I almost purchased a '58 convertible in my junior year of high school, but my dad talked me out of it by giving me his '50 Business Coupe." His father strongly suggested more practical uses for Steve's money, like a down payment for a house. He eventually put a '53 Blue Flame six in the coupe, but it still wasn't a Corvette.

Finally, after raising a family of four sons, who have in turn given Steve and his wife Barbara six grandkids, Steve is ready to play. He found this mint-condition '88 Anniversary Edition last February at an Atlantic City car show with only 12,000 miles on the clock. Steve's 35th Anniversary Vette, Number 0170 of the 2,050 built, is completely stock and original, sporting an MX0 automatic overdrive trans and RPO G92 3.07:1 Performance Axle Ratio. It was identical to another Z01 car he had been looking at for a while, but still brand-new right down to the window sticker. Steve hopes it's the first of many more Corvettes to come.

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In the short year that he's owned his 35th Anniversary Corvette, Steve has jumped in with both feet and is thoroughly enjoying himself and the car. Its license plate illustrates Steve's devotion to the Vette. " 'FYN-CHYNA'-like fine china, it's rarely used." Despite this, he's joined the Corvette Club of Delaware Valley, the 35th Anniversary Registry, and the National Corvette Owners Association, as well as driven 4,000 miles in this virginal '88. Steve has also shown his Anniversary Edition C4 at many local shows and arrived at the 2001 Corvettes at Carlisle with the 35th Registry.

It took Steve 48 years from the time he fell in love with the first Corvette until he bought his first one, this 35th Anniversary C4. Now owner and car are well set to celebrate the Corvette's 50-year mark and beyond!


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