Supercharged 1999 Chevy Corvette - Mile-High Testbed

Who Says A Guinea Pig Can't Run Fast Or Look Good?

Rob Wallace III Feb 1, 2002 0 Comment(s)
Vemp_0202_07_z Supercharged_1999_chevy_corvette Roll_cage 2/11

The harness bar for attaching the shoulder belts of a five-point racing harness setup is a smart idea in a Corvette with this one's speed potential.

And the C5 is a real eye-full, too...when it's going slow enough to get a good look. An RK Sport high-rise hood lets the motor breath a little easier, while a carefully crafted C5-R-style rear wing helps to keep the rear end planted at speed. After Rich finished with the bodywork, Corvette Connection's Jason Hunyadi sprayed the Vette in white and Passion Purple Pearl from House of Kolors. It also wears black graphics and yellow pinstriping, guaranteeing that the Corvette does not get lost in a crowd. To further the ensemble, the cockpit is finished with matching, custom-colored leather, and Simpson five-point harnesses, as well as many other purposeful goodies.

As a high-altitude testbed for Rich's research and development, this C5 guinea pig is halfway to Heaven with a return ticket-and it is taking its pilot along for the ride. Indeed, that much power is almost existential, and it is certainly a contender for the "Baddest Vette in Town" title! But the show is far from over. Rich will continue to experiment and play, the Vette will keep getting faster, the trophies and awards will continue to pile up.

Vipers indigenous to the Rocky Mountains will never be safe again!




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