C5 Chevy Corvette Cavallo GT - Screamin' Yellow Zonker

The Cavallo GT Is A Blend Of C5 Sophistication And Bolder Proportions

Jerry Heasley Feb 1, 2002 0 Comment(s)
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The Cavallo GT is about 4-inches wider in the back and a little over 2-inches wider in the front. Ken made a very interesting comparison, "If you took the ZR-1, where it was an exaggerated C4 in proportions, that was the idea here, but we went a little bit further because we did more than quarters and rear fascia."

Take a look at the side scoop, for example. "The C5 has one, but it is kind of hinting, like I got a little scoop here. Damn it, if you're going to put a scoop on it, make it a scoop!" Ken says.

Likewise, the hood is more pronounced. The C5 has a traditional cowl induction look. On the Cavallo GT, Ken says, "The hood is higher, a little bigger, a little flatter, and has a little harder edge to pronounce the shapes a little bit more."

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The name itself is an exaggeration. Ken laughs, "That's a long story. A friend of Paul's actually came up with it, somebody who I had never met. And he suggested we call it 'Cavallo,' and I asked, 'What does it mean?' He said, 'I'm not quite sure, it means either whore or horse in Italian.' But, by that time I had already written it down, and if you squint at it, Cavallo looks like Corvette. It starts with a C, and the proportions of the name are very similar."

Paul and Ken wanted a bright color to make a splash in the magazines. Yellow is a hot color, so they were spraying test panels, looking for just the right shade. Says Ken, "I thought maybe we would do a metallic, but were having a hard time. It was coming down to the eleventh hour and I wasn't coming up with the right yellow. We were two days away from paint. I was driving down the road on the way to the studio and a yellow Viper went by on the other side, and I thought that looks really good. You know if it ain't broke, don't fix, it so we went out and bought factory paint, end of story."

This Viper Yellow Cavallo GT is much hotter than stock. The stock LS1 has been replaced by a 500 horse 383 stroker motor built by GTP Technical Performance in Houston. The suspension features T1 stabilizer bars and Penske racing shocks. The body is lowered over an inch. Taking advantage of the substantially wider-than-stock wheelwells, huge 18x10 front and 19x12 wheels are on this car. Inside, Burke and Grant added white leather seat inserts, re-covered the upper part of the steering wheel to match, and wrapped the shifter knob in a leather cover resembling a baseball.

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The Cavallo GT is alive and well. Blue Dot Design (35457 Industrial, Dept. VM, Livonia, MI 48150; 734/542-1890, www.cavallo.cc) sells complete, bolt-on body kits, minus paint, or will professionally paint and install the body at the customer's request. A large discount is offered to both NCM and C5 Registry member. Any performance enhancements are up to the customer.


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