2001 Chevy Corvette Z06 - The Copper Head

A One-Off Z06 With Plenty Of Venom

Bob Wallace Feb 1, 2002 0 Comment(s)
Vemp_0202_06_z 2001_chevy_corvette_z06 Front_grill 2/8

We're dealing here with an individual for whom too much is not enough, and wretched excess is barely adequate-a state of mind that yours truly can and does relate to. For O'Bryan, that meant having the just-a-few-months-old, Millenium Yellow Z06 repainted-after adding Breathless Performance's non-popup (C5-R-style) headlight conversion, PIAA driving lights, red and clear "export" taillights, plus LAPD's clear rear sidemarker lights and clear lens backing light panel. Jason Pecikonis, at a shop called Paintin Place in Thousand Oaks, California, got the nod to squirt the new tones on the Z06. Tim selected a '00 Mazda color called Canyon Copper Metallic, then Jason and the gang at Paintin Place squirted all the panels individually, off of the car. For a C5-R racer look, Tim had the tail end of the rear valance painted matte black.

While the car was being reassembled in its new copper coat, Tim made a few select upgrades inside, installing an Auto Meter shift light, B&M Ripper short-throw shifter, and a take-no-prisoners stereo system comprised of a Panasonic 9000 N head unit, PPI amps, plus Boston and Kicker speakers.

As we write this, O'Bryan's Z06 has been together for all of about three months, and it appears as though he's ready to stop and savor the pleasures of this distinctive C5. Now, that's not to say that he's gone soft on us. "This car meets my every expectation, but a set of twin turbos would be nice. You gotta have power. There's nothing like the shock value of blowing someone out of the water who doesn't expect it."

Vemp_0202_07_z 2001_chevy_corvette_z06 Amp_sub_woofer 3/8

Look into the trunk area and you can see the amplifier and Kicker sub-woofer, more of the audio system installed by Al & Ed's in Thousand Oaks.

A local, and mercifully anonymous, Viper owner can attest to that. "I got into a race on a local freeway with a Viper GTS and absolutely walked away from it. We both got off at the same offramp, and the guy in the Viper hollered over to me, 'Pretty good for a Chevy.' He definitely didn't expect it!"

Kind of appropriate...a venomous Corvette, a Copperhead, putting the bite on a Viper.


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