1971 T Top Chevrolet Corvette - Double Take

Pam Walluk's Steel Cities Gray, Big-Block '71 Is A Head Turner

Richard Prince Oct 1, 2001 0 Comment(s)
Vemp_0110_05_z 1971_t_top_chevrolet_corvette Turbo_jet_454_engine 2/8

Pam's Corvette also has the optional Custom Interior Trim. Finding its way into only 2,602 cars, this package featured genuine leather seat covers, a veneered walnut trim insert surrounding the shifter, and more luxurious "plush-cut pile" carpeting throughout. It also included special door panels fitted with a strip of the nicer carpeting along the bottom edge, a piece of chrome trim where the carpeting meets the vinyl, and a band of veneered walnut trim in the area behind the door pull.

When acquired, Pam's Corvette was in good overall condition, but that did not stop her from making it even better. The carpeting and seat covers looked a little bit tired so they got replaced with correct reproductions. And while she was at it in the interior, she refinished all of the painted trim pieces.

The teacher-to-be also devoted her attention to cosmetics under the hood. All of the car's original parts were in place and the engine bay was actually quite clean, but like the interior it looked a bit long in the tooth. To remedy that Pam methodically removed, cleaned, refinished, and reinstalled the underhood components, including the air cleaner housing, valve covers, master cylinder, brake booster, alternator, and many other small parts. For those items that didn't come out, she took great pains to detail them in the car.

Vemp_0110_08_z 1971_t_top_chevrolet_corvette Rear_bumper_shot 3/8

All of Pam's efforts have resulted in a truly stunning Corvette. This fact was not lost on the judges at several shows, where the car garnered top honors.

In addition to occasionally showing it, Pam drives her Steel Cities Gray beauty every chance she gets. "It feels great when the T-tops are off" she says with enthusiasm, "and you can look up and see the blue sky during the day and the stars at night!"




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