1964 Chevrolet Corvette - Miss Mako

On Tour For Charity

Jerry Heasley Sep 1, 2001 0 Comment(s)

The side pipes are made of stainless steel which has been bent, welded, and polished. They feature an inner core muffler and a fabricated outer shielding consisting of grates, not as closely spaced as the originals on the Mako Shark.

The hood is Mako-like. "We took a '64 hood and made it work. It's not as large as the original Mako. We scaled it down. It's a little more petite."

The rear end is also very special. "We copied their treatment of the rear quarter, re-worked the back of the car for the tail lights, and completely re-made the license plate surround and the lower rear pan to make it smooth."

This Vette wasn't a replica of the Mako Shark and needed a different name. Dave said, "How 'bout Miss Mako?" Joan said, "I like that." The Miss Mako lettering on the fenders is classy, cut from aluminum and hand polished. Then, right below is a shark emblem sculptor Dan Ricco cast from solid silver.

Miss Mako and "Mako Mama" (credit Corvette Mike for this moniker) go together very well. Joan likes to wear blue and white, similar to her Vette. With blond hair, light green eyes, a brilliant smile sparkling white teeth, a bubbling personality and a show car fame of her own, Joan Spoerndle is a real hit at car shows.

"I'm living day-by-day on the road, going from event to event, seeing and meeting a lot of people. They tell me about people with relatives with the same disease and how nice it is to have somebody on the road helping out."

Joan raises money by holding "50/50" drawings. People buy tickets and at the end of the show the holder of the winning ticket gets back 50 percent of the proceeds. The other half goes to a local charity. At a recent show in Louisiana the charity was the local St. Jude's Children's Hospital, in Nashville the Red Cross, and in Orlando the American Cancer Society. You can see Miss Mako at many small shows and the big national shows, such as Corvettes at Carlisle, Bloomington Gold, and the National Corvette Museum's Big Bash in September. For more information, go to her web site, www.missmako.com.

"This is not my entertainment," Joan wants everybody to know. "It is my passion. It started with Sandy Labaree. I wanted to give back something for my life. It fulfills in me what no other person, place, or thing can fulfill."

Engine Specifications
* Power: 304hp @ 5000 rpm
* Torque: 340 ft lb @ 2250 rpm
* Type: 90 degree V-8 Cast iron block, Cast iron heads
* Compression Ratio: 9.1-1
* Crankshaft: Nodular iron
* Connecting rods: Chevrolet Pink rods
* Cylinder Heads: Chevrolet PN 125238060 Vortec cast iron design
* Valves: Intake 1.94-in/ Exhaust 1.50-in
* Intake manifold: Edelbrock Performer PN 2104
* Fuel delivery system: Accel PN 74135 750 cfm 4 bbl throttle- body fuel injection with speed density management
* Fuel requirement: 87-octane or better
* Engine oil: Mobil 1 5w30 synthetic, 5.75 quart capacity
* Oil filter: A/C Delco PF1218
* Fuel filter: A/C Delco 845

Makin' Miss Mako Run
The V-8 in Miss Mako is a 350 fuelie built by Paul Koerner, not so much for extreme power as for extreme reliability. He also replaced the original four-speed with an automatic. Joan expects to get in some low-speed traffic from time-to-time and doesn't want to fiddle with a clutch.


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