Corvette Summer

The Famous Movie Vette...Alive, Well, And Unrestored.

Jerry Heasley Aug 1, 2001 0 Comment(s)

The '78-82-style moonroof T-Tops have been replaced. The modified tops in the movie had a border of about 3-inches painted to match the body. The interior upholstery was originally saddle and has been dyed black.

Overall, the car remains pretty much as is from the movie. The highly customized '73 T-Top coupe retains the original paint, mirrors, Western wheels, tires, exhausts, and just about everything else as far as Dennis can determine.

This coming September, 2001, Mid-America Designs' Annual Corvette Funfest show will have as its theme "Corvette Summer". Mark Hamill has agreed to come to the show to sign autographs. Of course, the famous car will be on display, as it always is, in the My Garage collection which is open to the public at no charge. Although neither the movie nor the car has reached cult status, perhaps the time is coming for both.

PS: We understand there were two Corvette Summer Corvettes built for the movie. This one was the "movie version", but there supposedly was also a "stunt version" which is said to have been sold to somebody in Australia about 15 years ago. If you know of the whereabouts of the second Corvette Summer Stingray, send a letter or e-mail to the author at


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