1990 Chevy Corvette ZR-1 - Going Fast The Hard Way

This Is The World's Quickest Real ZR-1!

Rob Wallace III Apr 1, 2001 0 Comment(s)

Because the heads are now farther apart, the intake manifold had to be custom-made, along with fuel rails and twin 90mm throttle bodies. Lane built a ram air system to force cool air directly into the throttle bodies. The factory LT5 double overhead cam cylinder heads have been worked extensively, including larger titanium valves and porting to flow a massive 400 cfm! Lane converted the valvetrain from hydraulic to solid rockers (which was no simple task, he assures us!), and designed a more elaborate "evac" system to overcome vapor in the small crankcase. MSD supplied the ignition and wiring, and Dawson Racing Headers built 2 1/4 to 2 1/8-inch step headers to evacuate exhaust out of the engine fast enough to match the radical cam timing from the custom Jeel profiles. The headers are equipped with eight exhaust gas temperature probes that allow Lane to run a full data acquisition system to set up and tune the Vette. When Lane needs to keep the noise levels down, he uses special Borla collector mufflers. Lane had the back of the block machined to relocate the starter so that he could run a larger flywheel and an 11-inch McLeod race clutch, which were needed to control the power running through the 16 1/2-inch Goodyear Pro Stock tires. The only transmission Lane found able to withstand the power and weekly abuse was a Lenco five-speed.

So, what has Lane gotten out of all of the time, effort, and countless dollars he has invested in his racer? How about an LT5 that produces 900 horsepower at 8,000 rpm, and a ZR-1 that runs the quarter in 8.5 seconds at 160 mph! Not only is this the world's quickest ZR-1 Corvette, but Lane suggests it may be the quickest, naturally-aspirated, small-block, modified streetcar, as well. Plus, he has himself an E-ticket ride that is safe and reliable, one that he still races nearly every weekend! Lane loves to show it off, too, as he will taking it to Bowling Green, Kentucky, in May for the ZR-1 Nationals. It would have been easier to throw a carbureted mountain motor into his Corvette and go fast, but Lane chose to do it the hard way-and it was worth it. This "King of the Hill" takes the crown at the track, as well!


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