1995 Chevrolet Corvette C4 - Wretched Excess

A Look At-And In-A Daily Driver C4 With A 1,000hp LT1!

Jeff Hartman Dec 1, 2000 0 Comment(s)

And how much power is too much? On CXI's Dynojet chassis dynamometer, the '95 churns out slightly over 575 rear-wheel horsepower-on the motor only-and exceeded 1,000 horsepower at the tires with the multi-stage nitrous system activated! As you can imagine, launching this wild C4 on street tires takes a fine touch, and is not for the fainthearted. Even with the exceptionally limited traction, CXI's '95 Corvette has run the quarter in 11.40 seconds, reaching a phenomenal terminal velocity of 142 mph! There's nothing around that's a legitimate street car-including those overpriced factory hotrods that are named after a venomous snake-that can give this Vette any trouble.

It's a sauna outside as we drive around Houston in the late summer. The city is a massive, steaming pile of heat and humidity, but CXI's C4 idles nicely, without the slightest hint of engine cooling problems, and we're cool as the proverbial cucumbers with the A/C blasting away. With the Corvette's removable top clamped in place, the stereo sounds great, and the sound of the engine is a distant, rolling thunder. Wretched excess my ass, this thing's perfect!


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