1956 Chevy Corvette - All Firetrucks Are Red

And A Firefighter's Corvette Should Be, Too!

Tony Kelly Jul 4, 2000 0 Comment(s)
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When it came time for the body to be refinished, it was a matter of "any color, so long as it's red." Ultimately, he narrowed the choice down to a vibrant Ferrari Red. John Kelson of Costa Mesa, another local SoCal beach community, applied the glittering hue using two-stage Glassurit/Acrylic Urethane. Sure, it's not a Corvette red, but being the same color as a Ferrari is running in the right company. Besides, it could have been Yugo red! The interior was done in real beige leather (not offered in '56, you know) and tan English wool carpet. Westminister Auto Upholstery reupholstered the stock seats and door panels using beige leather, and re-covered the convertible top with a Mercedes hartz cloth fabric rather than the "correct" vinyl. Steele also has the stock hardtop, but it's used so seldom that it hangs in George's garage, still swathed in the yellow from 1966. He also completely rewired the '56, utilizing a harness kit from Painless Wiring.

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This Vette is not a garage queen. Despite investing four years of hard labor, mostly his own, Steele hits the road regularly in this classic-and classy-roadster. Listening to it run makes it plain there is a major amount of horsepower in the later Corvette V-8, and just looking at the car while it's standing still provides plenty of additional sensory pleasures. It certainly is not a numbers-matching car, and it has a lot of good old hot rod in it, but that's the great part of Corvettes; they're different things to different people, but they're still the cars we love.




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