1994 Chevy Corvette ZR1 - Two Of A Kind

There Are Only Eight Cars Like These,And The Conways Own Two Of Them!

PJ Rentie Apr 15, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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With the deal finally finished, Mike drove number 426 back to Lake Tahoe-of course, he couldn't resist trouncing a guy in a new C5. "This guy was going to show off to his girlfriend, at about 95 mph-he was embarrassed. The second time, from first gear at about 30 mph, he was really embarrassed. After he saw the tail end of the car, he never came near me again."

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Now that both of the cars are in their possession, Mike and Renee extract their enjoyment from the LT5s the way they were meant to-by driving them. Admittedly, they drive number 163 more often due to the fact that it has more mileage, but both get driven every two weeks. They're only driven in good weather, and are immaculate inside and out.

Here's the part where some purists may spin in their proverbial graves, though probably not too much. To further enhance the driving experience, both cars have been upgraded with Doug Rippie chips and K&N filters. Number 163 has also benefited from a few extra additions, like a 3/4-inch-lowered suspension, a Borla exhaust system, and a Simpson five-point harness attached to a Belt Bar from Arizona Speed & Marine. Both cars are sporting a set of polished wheels to enhance the eye candy factor. And don't think these ZR-1s are all show and no go-both have been to the dragstrip. Number 163 turned the fastest e.t. of the two with a 12.56 at 113 mph, wihile number 426 was a few tenths behind-who says they baby these cars? Well, they are kept in a climate-controlled garage (stacked bunk-bed style!), but that's only to preserve their youthful good looks during the winter months.

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We're sure that the ZR-1 pair will enjoy the continued care provided by the Conways, and we're positive that in turn, they will enjoy the continued exhilaration provided by the ZR-1s. What began as a simple Mother's Day gift quickly grew into the find of a lifetime-twice! Mike and Renee are a perfect match for this pair of brutish bunkies as well as each other. They're probably anxiously waiting for the snow to melt so they can rip up some pavement. As for now, Mike's shoveling about five feet of snow out of his driveway. Have patience-good things come to those who wait.

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