Laurie Schwab - Living The Dream

To Some, A Corvette Is Just A Car. To Others It's The Fulfillment Of A Dream, A Way Of Life.

Nina Spitzer Apr 1, 2000 0 Comment(s)
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A Marriage Made in Corvette Heaven
The secret to a successful marriage is having a spouse who is just as crazy about Corvettes as you are! Laurie married Steve Schwab in 1982. That was truly a match made in heaven-Corvette Heaven! Steve, like Laurie, is also an avid Corvette enthusiast. The two equally share their love of Corvette life, complete with Corvette purchases, maintenance, club activities, events, racing and friends.

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A Corvette Household
Corvettes are always a topic of discussions at the Schwab house, where everyone is into Corvettes, including 20-year-old daughter Nicole, who has both owned and raced one of her own. There isn't one room in the Schwab house that doesn't display Corvette memorabilia and photos.

The game room looks like a '50s soda shop, complete with jukebox and soda fountain. It's a comfortable place with a Corvette atmosphere where friends meet and the club executive board ponders important decisions.

Step onto the Schwab's back patio and you'll find a beautiful pool bordered by black and white checked racing tile with a Chevy Bow Tie tiled into the floor.

In the Garage
The oversized Schwab garage is the shrine that houses the family's Corvettes. Here you'll find Laurie's first Corvette, the black '65 coupe. In addition, there's Laurie's '88 Challenge Car, driven in the 1988 Challenge series by Bobby Archer.

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There's also a black '91 Callaway. This twin-turbo 425-plus horsepower beauty is RPO#1, the first Callaway built. The Callaway is used for rallies and car shows.

Recently, a '94 copper coupe was added to the Schwab's collection. The color makes this car rare, since only 116 were built that year. The copper coupe is Tex's daily driver and goes to the drags, where it turns 13.8 in the quarter-mile

Steve's '75 L82 four-speed blue roadster has only 7,800 original miles and is a winner of the NCRS Top Flight award. This is Steve's show car. The Schwabs also have a black, matching-numbers '58, which is a resto project.

The Dream Lives On
"What better way than to grow old and to have loved Corvettes!" Laurie says with all her heart.

With hardly a stretch of the imagination, one can easily picture Tex at 80 out there racing her Vette with the best of them.

Laurie has truly been living the Corvette dream most of her life. Maybe it goes back to that seed being planted in her family garage when she was five. Maybe it's just in her blood; after all, she and America's Sports Car were both born the same year. Whatever the case, her energy and enthusiasm for the Corvette sport is an inspiration to us all.

"It's a legend. I'm so fortunate to be a part of it."


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