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2004 Supercharged Chevy Silverado - Joe Gibbs Supercharged Silverado

Big Blower, Big Brakes, Big Performance

By Andrew Schear
TECH SPECS Vehicle '04 Joe Gibbs Silverado
Engine GM 5.3L Gen III motor, Roots Radix-style
intercooled supercharger, Gibbs stainless steel
exhaust, 390 hp at 5,200 rpm (rear wheel)
Transmission GM 4L60-E
Suspension Gibbs-designed suspension
Front Twin-tube gas shocks, custom valving, custom
JGP springs, 30-percent increase in spring rate,
1 inch lowering, 14-inch Baer rotors
Rear Custom 2-inch shackles, urethane bushings,
custom .975 diameter sway bar, end links,
hardware, Baer rotors
Wheels Gibbs-designed 20x8.5 Hyper Silver Wheels
Tires Goodyear Eagle LS 275/55/20
Interior Gibbs-designed sport seating, leather/suede
surfaces, custom JG Performance floor mats,
whiteface gauges
Exterior Gibbs front fascia with fog lamps, JGP spoiler,
performance badges, monotone rear bumper
JG Performance Silverado
60 foot 2.25 seconds
0-30 mph 2.25 seconds
0-60 mph 6.03 seconds
1/4-mile 14.18 at 99.37
60-0 mph 125.73
420-foot slalom 41.5 mph
Curb weight (wet) 4,650 pounds
By Andrew Schear
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Super Chevy