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Tri-Five Production Data Sheets From 1955-1957 - Tri-Five Production Data In A Nutshell

Here Are All The Basic Production Numbers, Color Combinations And Choices, Engine Options, Accessories And Interior Combinations That Were Available From Chevrolet.

By , Photography by GM Co., Special Graphics Courtesy Of Danchuk

Many of those reading this were alive in (and/or long for) the good old days when you could go down to your local Chevy dealership, start with a stripped down car, and order it exactly the way you wanted it, from the color combo to engine to the accessory options.

If you're curious about what was available back in the years 1955-1957, when Chevrolet vigorously reinvented itself and caught Ford and Chrysler with their collective pants down, or want to learn the basics about '55-57 Chevys, look no further. Thanks to the author's own reference material, the GM Archive, and Danchuk Manufacturing (, we've got the distilled basics in Tri-Five data. From how many of each model were produced, color availability, and options that could be ordered, we've got everything you need right here. We've even included a handy chart on how to decipher Tri-Five trim tags and vehicle identification numbers.

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