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Project American Heroes III 1970 Chevy Chevelle - For Those Who Serve: Project American Heroes III

This '70 Chevelle Is A Fitting Tribute To Our Armed Forces Personnel.

Patrick Hill Dec 1, 2010
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"Always Faithful" -United States Marine Corps
"Not For Ourselves, But For Our Country" -United States Navy
"This We'll Defend" -United States Army
"Above All" -United States Air Force
"Always Ready" -United States Coast Guard
"Always Ready, Always There" -United States National Guard

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These six sayings define the men and women who serve, and have served, the United States in defense of everything we hold dear. They are the ones who get the call when America's in danger, or when the helpless need defending around the world.

During that service, the men and women of our armed forces are often injured, and need more than just the simple treatment to recover so they can either serve again or return to civilian life with some semblance of normalcy. That's where the Armed Forces Foundation comes in. As a non-profit organization, the foundation's main objective is to provide comfort and solace to members of the military injured during their tour of duty. This support includes financial aid, career counseling, housing assistance, and recreational therapy programs.

The Armed Forces Foundation also provides housing and related aid for soldier's family members while they visit a loved one staying in the hospital. These programs include the Family Assistance Program, Injured Support Services, Housing Assistance Program (for troops returning to their communities after being injured), the Family Bereavement Assistance program, Direct Financial Assistance program, and Classic Outdoors Sports Program, which includes hunting and fishing programs for troops and their families.

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To fund these programs, the Armed Forces Foundation relies on the donations of charitable individuals, corporations, small businesses, and many others. But sometimes this money isn't enough, especially in hard economic times. And that's where Project American Heroes comes in.

Started in 2007, Super Chevy and its advertisers and partners have joined together to build one car annually to be sold at a prestigious Barrett-Jackson auction, with all the proceeds going to help fund the Armed Forces Foundation. Barrett-Jackson generously waives its commission fees, so that the entire sale price goes to help our fallen soldiers and their families. Last year's Project American Heroes II, a completely rebuilt and customized '69 RS/SS Camaro, sold for $500,000 and was purchased by Vietnam veteran and Pelican Products founder Dave Parker. The initial Project American Heroes hot rod was a '57 Chevy convertible built by The Roadster Shop and it sold for $130,000.

Now, Super Chevy, along with Route 66 Motorsports and the support of contributing advertisers, has created the stunning automobile you see here, a classic '70 Chevelle. It was completely rebuilt and customized to embody the spirit of the people who serve our country. This took a herculean effort on the part of Route 66 Motorsports, as the before pictures elsewhere in this magazine will attest.

What started as a rusted-out hulk of a '70 Chevelle has become a rolling memorial to honor America's soldiers. All the oxidized metal was removed and replaced with brand-new steel from National Parts Depot. A GM Performance Parts LSA supercharged crate engine backed by a TCI built 6X transmission are the heart of PAH III. Out back, a Strange Engineering 9-inch rear handles all of PAH III's supercharged might, Detroit Speed & Engineering suspension parts front and rear make sure PAH III can handle any mission assigned by its driver, and Baer brakes all around make sure the excitement of automotive battle stays under control.

On the inside, National Parts Depot and Legendary Auto Interiors teamed up to make sure PAH III was in full formal dress. Route 66 received much help from Kolor Korrect to make sure all the hues of red matched exactly. Classic Instruments supplied a set of their custom gauges for mounting in a Classic Dash gauge panel, so PAH III's captain can keep an eye on everything that's going on with the high-revving LSA engine. The Project American Heroes logo is even on the speedo and tach. The sounds for PAH III to march by are provided by a full Sony Xplod audio system.

The pros at Route 66 Motorsports applied PAH III's PPG black, while paint master and Route 66 owner Bill Jelinek applied the special red, ghosted patriotic graphics. For wheels, the rolling stock artists at Boze Alloys came up with a custom six-spoke design that has the logo for each branch of the military engraved at the end of each wheel spoke.

For the men and women who serve our country and give the ultimate sacrifice of life and limb in the defense of freedom around the world, Super Chevy magazine and Route 66 Motorsports are proud to present the Project American Heroes III '70 Chevelle.

Editor's Note: PAH III sold at the Barrett-Jackson Auction in Costa Mesa, California, on June 26 for $250,000. Congratulations to Dave Parker, as he took home his second Project American Heroes car.



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