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Raise A Glass To The 40th Anniversary Of The '70 Chevelle, One Of The Most Iconic Chevrolets Ever Produced.

Patrick Hill Dec 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Many-due to income level, military status and/or family responsibilities-could only dream of owning a '70 Chevelle when new (including me and my young family). In '75, we bought a loaded '70 Monte Carlo (which was essentially an overgrown Chevelle) from the original owner. We still own it today. Finally, in 2005, we got our '70 Chevelle. It's a maroon-over-black Malibu sport coupe with a big cam 383 stroker, four-speed, and 4.88:1 12-bolt Posi. It's reasonably fast (said to run 12.40s) and closely resembles exactly what we used to build back in the day.

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We don't know anyone who doesn't like the '70 Super Sport. For decades, writers and owners alike have agreed the '70 SS Chevelle is one of the best-looking cars Chevrolet ever produced.

The lowest production '70 Chevelle we can think of is those 18 early production 375hp 402 SS models with RPO L89 aluminum heads. For the record, there were 64,225 396 (402) and 454 big-block Chevelles sold, of which I believe 1,853 were El Caminos. Almost all of the other really low production '70 Chevelles had one thing in common: a six-cylinder engine. (Grand total/all Chevelles: 28,791). We're curious how many still exist today. You see, many received a V-8 transplant by a later owner for both street and strip use, NHRA and IHRA Stock and Super Stock Eliminator included.

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