Mike Goulds 1970 Chevy Chevelle Convertible - Twice As Nice

Mike Gould's Show-Winning '70 Chevelle.

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Just like most muscle cars, this Chevelle has a story to tell, and that story is: the sequel is better than the original. You see this killer '70 Chevelle has been rebuilt twice, but has been built right only once. Mike Gould is the current owner of the Tangelo Pearl drop-top, but this car isn't his first custom. Mike started wrenching on cars at 14, fixing friends' rides and doing what he could on his own car. Many years later he and his wife made a few great business decisions. Now his finances are secure enough that he doesn't have to get his hands dirty to have the car he wants.

Mike and his wife were walking a museum/classic car lot when they both trained their eyes on a Hugger Orange '70 Chevelle convertible. The car appealed to both of them and the decision was made pretty quick that this car needed to come home with them. It wasn't until Mike looked closer did he realize something just wasn't right with the car.

Mike took the car to Ron Kester at Ron's Restoration to have it looked over and noticed an issue with the rear wheelwells. Upon closer inspection it was determined that who ever did the last restoration hung new quarters on the car. This usually would be a good thing but these new quarters were stuck right over the top of the originals. Ron also decided to run the numbers and found out this car wasn't a real SS.

Most of us would just try and resell the car to someone else and try and find something better, but instead of passing along his bad fortune to the next guy, Mike broke the cycle and told Ron to redo the car right. With that, Ron tore the car down to bare bones and built it into the car you see here.

The chassis was cleaned up before the complete air bagged suspension, performance brakes and 9-inch rearend were mounted up. Then a chromed-out Ram Jet 502 was set in the newly restored chassis. The crew at Ron's then turned their attention to the body where all the previous modifications were ripped off and new sheetmetal was put on the right way. Once the body was blocked straight, it was pulled into the booth and coated in a few slick coats of Tangelo Orange with black SS stripes.

For the interior, Ron outsourced the work to Tracy Weaver and Jim Peters of the Recovery Room. These guys hand-built most of the hard pieces like the dash, console, kick panels, and door panels out of aluminum and fiberglass before covering everything in Tan Garret Leather. They also built the audio system which is chock full of all high-end components neatly hidden from view.

Mike loves cars and has a collection of about 30, ranging from a show-winning blown Willys, to a brand new Cobra Mustang, and the Chevelle is the newest addition. Because we know the story behind this car, we would say it's got to be twice as nice as the rest of them.




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